Municipal Growth

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The Municipal Growth chapter provides guidance on how the City will grow in regard to new development and population. The chapter uses projections on future population growth coupled with land use strategies to elicit the type of growth that will best serve the City. Given that the City is constrained geographically, any new growth will come primarily in the form of redeveloping existing sites that could provide more benefit to the City in terms of meeting environmental goals, housing goals, mobility goals, among others.   

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Grow in a way that assures public facilities and infrastructure remain adequately sized and equipped to deliver exceptional service to existing residents, institutions, and businesses.

Performance Metric: 

  • The levels of service documented in the fiscal impact studies supporting this Comprehensive Plan are not reduced over time but instead kept the same or improved.

Action 1: Implement a revised Adequate Public Facilities Ordinance especially for parks, and neighborhood parks especially.

Action 2: Expand parks and public open spaces and ensure any major land use proposals incorporate open spaces and trails that can help link together the City’s public amenities.

Action 3: Maintain disciplined plans for the allocation of water and sewer connections in keeping with State of Maryland MDE regulations and guidelines (see the Community Facilities element).

Action 4: The City will extend no facilities or services to any property without annexation. However, on a case-by-case basis, the City may consider a pre-annexation agreement – a contract requiring the owner to annex when the City is ready to do so.