Training & Exercise

Emergency preparedness training and exercises are not open to the public. Community Outreach events are open to the public. Official agency representatives who want to observe exercises may contact the Office of Emergency Management about attending.  

Exercise Schedule 

Exercises are a key component of national preparedness-they provide elected and appointed officials and stakeholders from across the whole community with the opportunity to shape planning, assess and validate capabilities, and address areas for improvement in a low risk environment.  

  • Annapolis City Wide Exercise 

Every year, the Office of Emergency Management hosts a citywide exercise to "test plans and systems and obtain lessons learned." (City code section 11.48.060(c)(7). This years citywide exercise focused on how the City would respond to an Active Assailant.  Unfortunately, across the country there has been an increase in gun violence. Annapolis, itself, has fallen victim to such crime. This exercise will be a culmination of a months long effort to develop a robust response to an active assailant threat should Annapolis experience one. 


Annapolis OEM Exercise Volunteers

  1. Please tell us if you have any special skills that would aid in our exercise play. (Example: Language skills, stage makeup, etc.) 

  2. Sometimes, our exercises can simulate sensitive situations dealing with scenarios that can be highly stressful. 

    Do you have any special considerations that we should be aware of? 

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The Office of Emergency Management offers a variety of training to residents. Those community members interested in having a training delivered by a member of OEM is asked to complete the Training Request Form.