Electricity & Water


Electricity is available for an extra charge for paying, docked boaters. Each slip shares an illuminated power pedestal that is located on the adjacent finger pier. Each power pedestal is equipped with four 20-amp outlets, four 30-amp outlets, two 50-amp outlets, and two water faucets that are split between the two adjacent slips. The bulkhead and reservation dock are fitted with at least one 30-amp outlet, and are complemented by a second 30-amp or 50-amp outlet. For special electrical requirements, be sure to call ahead and ask which location fits your vessel’s electrical needs.

Daily Rates:

  • 20-amp outlets - $5 per day
  • 30-amp outlets - $8 per day
  • 50-amp outlets - $15 per day

Electricity is included in the hourly dockage rates.


Water is available at all of the slips and most of the reservation dock spaces. On Monday through Thursday before 11 a.m., anchored and moored vessels may tie up to the docks in order to gain access to water. Anchored boats will be charged the hourly dockage rate to access water, while mooring customers will not be charged the hourly rate as this service is included in the mooring fee.