Forms, Permits and Licenses

This page contains Forms, Permits, and Licenses for Planning and Zoning

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Planning & Zoning - Brochures for Permitting and Guidance Material

Planning & Zoning - Permit and License Applications

  1. Backyard Chicken Registry and Approval Form (PDF)
  2. Bed and Breakfast Operating License Application (PDF)
  3. Bond - Cash Grading Permit (PDF)
  4. Bond - Cash Landscape Maintenance (PDF)
  5. Bond - Performance Grading Permit (PDF)
  6. Bond - Performance Landscape Maintenance (PDF)
  7. Building Board of Appeals (PDF)
  8. Building Permit Application (PDF)
  9. Capital Facilities Assessment Application (PDF)
  10. Commercial Building Permit Application (PDF)
  11. Commercial Cook Hood and Duct Permit (PDF)
  12. Demolition Permit Application (PDF)
  13. Electrical Contractors License Application (PDF)
  14. Electrical Permit Application (PDF)
  15. Fence Permit Application (PDF)
  16. Fire Alarm System Permit (PDF)
  17. Fire Protection System Permit (PDF)
  18. Foreclosure Registration Form (PDF)
  19. Forest Conservation Application (PDF)
  20. Grading Permit Application (PDF)
  21. Mechanical Permit Application (PDF)
  22. Non-Residential Building Plan Requirements (PDF)
  23. Owner as Contractor (PDF)
  24. Peddlers Hawkers and Itinerant Vendors License Application (a.k.a Food Truck or Mobile Vendors) (PDF)
  25. Petroleum Storage Tank Application (PDF)
  26. Plumber and or Gas Fitter License Application (PDF)
  27. Plumbing Permit Application (PDF)
  28. Port Wardens Application (PDF)
  29. Pre-application Meeting (PDF)
  30. Rental Operating License Application for Hotels-Motels-Inns (PDF)
  31. Residential Building Permit Plan Requirements (PDF)
  32. Revision Submittal Form (PDF)
  33. Sign Permit Application (PDF)
  34. AASCD Standard Erosion and Sediment Control Plan Application (PDF)
  35. Standard Long Term Rental Operating License Application (PDF)
  36. Tenant Layout Drawing Requirements (PDF)
  37. Tent Stage or Other Temporary Structure Permit (PDF)
  38. Tree Give Away Waiver (PDF)
  39. Tree Removal Permit Application (PDF)
  40. Use Permit Application Commercial (PDF)
  41. Use Permit Application for Home Occupation (PDF)
  42. Utility Contractors License Application (PDF)
  43. Written Notice of Completion Form (PDF)
  44. Application for Small Cell Facility (PDF)

Planning & Zoning - Projects Applications

  1. Adequate Public Facilities Certificate Application (PDF)
  2. Administrative Adjustment Application (PDF)
  3. Administrative Interpretation Application (PDF)
  4. Amended and Restated Management Agreement – Stormwater
  5. Appeal of an Administrative Decision to the Board of Appeals Application (PDF)
  6. Community Meeting Form (PDF)
  7. Critical Area Buffer Management Plan (PDF)
  8. Critical Area Lot Coverage Worksheet (PDF)
  9. Critical Area Simplified Buffer Management Plan (PDF)
  10. Easement - Permanent Structure City Grantor (PDF)
  11. Forest Conservation Application (PDF)
  12. Historic Preservation Administrative Application for Certificate of Approval (PDF)
  13. Historic Preservation Certificate of Approval Revision Submittal Form (PDF)
  14. Historic Preservation Public Hearing Application and Guidelines (PDF)
  15. Historic Preservation Tax Credit Application (PDF)
  16. Major Site Design Plan Review Application Rev 09.24.18 (PDF)
  17. Management Agreement - Landscape Maintenance Third Party Property Owner (PDF)
  18. Management Agreement - Landscape Maintenance(PDF)
  19. Management Agreement - One Time Sewer Repair Agreement Private Line (PDF)
  20. Management Agreement Amendment - Landscape Maintenance (PDF)
  21. Management Agreement Amendment - Stormwater (PDF)
  22. Minor Site Design Plan Review Application (PDF)
  23. Moderately Priced Dwelling Unit Agreement to Build (PDF)
  24. Moderately Priced Dwelling Unit Purchasers Acknowledgment (PDF)
  25. Moderately Priced Dwelling Unit Receipt of Covenants (PDF)
  26. Moderately Priced Dwelling Unit Sales Offering Agreement (PDF)
  27. MPDU Agreement to Build (PDF)
  28. MPDU Agreement to Build revised 01.21.2020 (PDF)
  29. MPDU Declaration of Covenants (PDF)
  30. MPDU Declaration of Covenants revised 01.21.2020 (PDF)
  31. MPDU Receipt of Covenants revised 01.21.2020 (PDF)
  32. MPDU Sales Offering Agreement (PDF)
  33. MPDU Sales Offering Agreement revised 01.21.2020 (PDF)
  34. Non-conforming Uses Application (PDF)
  35. Planned Development Application (PDF)
  36. Property Rehabilitation Program Application (PDF)
  37. Residential Neighborhood Conservation Application Rev 09.24.18 (PDF)
  38. Sidewalk Sign Indemnity Bond revised 01.21.2020 (PDF)
  39. Special Exception Application (PDF)
  40. Subdivision Application (PDF)
  41. Variance Application (PDF)
  42. Zoning Certificate (PDF)
  43. Zoning District Boundary Adjustment Application (PDF)
  44. Zoning Map Amendment Application (Local) (PDF)

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