Crowd Managers

Learn what a crowd manager is

  • What is a Crowd Manager?   “Crowd manager” is (are) the person(s) responsible for defining their establishment’s emergency plan for evacuation. They are also responsible for ensuring that employees properly understand their roles in crowd management and assisting in directing the crowd in an orderly manner for evacuation. This also means they are aware of the occupancy load for the establishment. 
  • Why do we have to have a Crowd Manager?  In accordance with the National Fire Protection Association 101, Life Safety Code, adopted in the State of Maryland, City Code and City of Annapolis Fire Prevention Codes, all Assembly Occupancies are required to have one trained Crowd Manager on duty. The Fire Marshal's office will be ensuring compliance. When the capacity exceeds 250 persons, an additional trained crowd manager must be provided for each additional 250 persons.
  • How do I know if my business needs to have a Crowd Manager? All assembly occupancies are required to have one trained crowd manager on duty. “Assembly occupancy” refers to the occupancy or the use of a building, or part thereof, by a gathering of persons for a civic, political, travel, religious, social, educational, or similar purposes, or serving of food or drink.”
  •  How do I get my staff certified?  The approved crowd manager course is available at the following website:
  • Once we get the certification, what do we do next? Applicants must submit a certificate of completion of Crowd Manager training in order to obtain a liquor license within the City of Annapolis. This certificate should be attached to the liquor license new/renewal application. Also, trained crowd managers are required to be on site at all times during occupancy. Upon request by the City’s Fire Marshal’s office, applicable assembly occupancies will be required to show proof of the required number of crowd managers on site based on occupant load, in addition to producing all approved certificates.
  • Will my certification ever expire? The Crowd Manager certification is valid for 2 years from the date you complete the course. Life Safety codes and Fire codes are subject to change and require crowd managers to recertify every 2 years to ensure knowledge/skills are up to date.