Charter Revision Commission

Annapolis Charter:  Article IX, Section 10. - Charter revision commission.

In January following the year in which the decennial census of the population of the United States is conducted, the city council by resolution shall appoint a commission for the purpose of making a comprehensive study of the government of the city. The commission shall be composed of at least five (5) but no more than nine (9) residents of the city. Other findings and recommendations together with drafts of revisions to the Charter and City Code shall be formally submitted no later than six (6) months after its appointment. Any standing committee to which the commission's report is referred shall act upon the report in full within six (6) months of the date upon which the report is introduced to the city council. The city council shall appropriate sufficient funds for the commission to fulfill its duties and responsibilities.


Members Appointment Date Expiration Date
Andrew "Andy" Haire, Chair 1/11/2021 9/13/2021
Paul W. Rankin, Vice Chair 1/11/2021 9/13/2021
Eileen Leahy, Secretary 1/11/2021 9/13/2021
Benjamin Mednick, Member 1/11/2021 9/13/2021
Jeffrey Durand, Member 1/11/2021 9/13/2021
Lawrence L. Harris Jr. Member 1/11/2021 9/13/2021
Minor Carter, Member 1/11/2021 9/13/2021
Robert Tufts, Member 1/11/2021 9/13/2021
Ron Schneider, Member 1/11/2021 9/13/2021
Teekia Green, Staff Liaison 1/11/2021 9/13/2021
Jacqueline Lee, Legislative Analyst 1/11/2021 9/13/2021