Sustainability and Resiliency

Residents of the City of Annapolis know about our long history. We seek to be just as informed about our future.

Sustainability, or the practice of reducing or eliminating our environmental impact while improving the quality of life in communities, is one of the ways we can do just that. We can work towards migrating to electric when we upgrade our vehicle fleet, promoting multi-modal transit, and using smart technologies.

Resilience is the practice of designing things to endure physical, social and economic shocks and stresses. At areas around the City, we should be preparing residents and businesses for a future - one which is already here - where there is more frequent and more intense flooding. Our City Dock Action Plan does just that. We are creating connected communities through bicycle and pedestrian greenways to get people out of their cars. We are reducing our carbon footprint by turning an old brownfield into hundreds of acres of solar arrays. 

  1. Resilient Annapolis
  2. Environmental Initiatives
  3. Climate Change
  4. Waterways

People sitting around a table having a meeting

  • Convened City Dock Action Committee to create conceptual plan to rebuild City Dock to mitigate for flooding and creating greenspace 
  • Combating Sea Level Rise
  • Convened Resiliency Work Group
  • Drafted a City of Annapolis Resilience Strategy
  • Applied for FEMA Community Rating for reduced flood insurance
  • Reducing impervious surface