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View the contact information of members of the Mayors Office

  1. Michael Mallinoff

    Michael Mallinoff

    City Manager

  1. Cate Pettit

    Cate Pettit

    Chief of Staff

  1. Mitchelle Stephenson, PIO

    Mitchelle Stephenson

    Public Information Officer
    Phone: office: 410-263-1183, cell: 410-972-7724

  1. Hilary Raftovich

    Hilary Raftovich

    Constituent Services Officer & Ombudsman

  1. William Rowel

    William Rowel

    Senior Adviser/Community Relations Specialist

  1. Adetola Ajayi

    Adetola Ajayi

    African American Community Services Specialist
    Phone: 410-263-7997, cell: 410-972-6257

  1. A picture of Erin Lee behind the Maryland and the United States flag

    Erin Lee

    Acting Manager/Social Work Care Coordinator, Office of Community Services

  1. Brian Cahalan

    Brian Cahalan

    Special Projects/Arts Coordinator

  1. Felicia Nolan

    Felicia Nolan

    Development and Events Specialist

  1. Rossio Smith

    Rossio Smith

    Administrative Assistant