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Michael MallinoffMichael Mallinoff

City Manager

Phone: 410-263-7939

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Cate Pettit

Cate Pettit

Chief of Staff

Phone: 410-263-7997

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Mitchelle Stephenson's photo

Mitchelle Stephenson

Public Information Officer

Phone: office: 410-263-1183, cell: 410-972-7724

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Hilary Raftovich's photo

Hilary Raftovich

Constituent Services Officer & Ombudsman

Phone: 410-263-7997

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Laura Gutierrez

Hispanic Community Services Specialist

Phone: tel (410) 263-7997 ext 6810

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William Rowel

Senior Adviser/Community Relations Specialist

Phone: 410-263-7997

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Brian Cahalan

Special Projects/Arts Coordinator

Phone: 410-263-7997

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Adetola Ajayi's photo

Adetola Ajayi

African American Community Services Specialist

Phone: 410-263-7997, cell: 410-972-6257

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Felicia Nolan

Development and Events Specialist

Phone: 410-263-7996

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Rossio Smith

Administrative Assistant

Phone: 410-263-7997

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