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To see our community website for the Hispanic Outreach team: www.annapolis.gov/Cuidate   

  1. Summary
  2. Project Action - Logic Model
  3. Background
  4. Our Objectives
  5. Our Teams
  6. Our Work

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The COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated existing social and health disparities experienced by Hispanic/Latinx communities in the City of Annapolis, and around the country. It is critical that we develop and maintain local programs to address the social determinants of health and the barriers to healthcare and social services.

The Cuidate/Take Care Annapolis is a health education outreach program launched in August 2020 with a goal to provide community health education to the city’s most vulnerable populations.  The aim of the program is to provide information on social services, community resources, as well as health education regarding preventative care in every low income neighborhood in the City.  Two teams have been established - one focuses on the Hispanic and LatinX community and one focusing on the African American community. For the Hispanic outreach team, we have developed culturally and linguistically appropriate materials for distribution. The team goes door-to-door offering education and connecting families to food and other resources. The team is actively listening to community concerns, elevating their voices, and driving action based on the data collected.

With early CARES funding allocated to the City of Annapolis, the program has had important success to date as detailed in the following sections. 

The City of Annapolis Take Care team, in cooperation with Anne Arundel Dept. of Health and Luminis H

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