Know Where It Goes: PPMG

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PPMG stands for paper, plastic, metal and glass - the four materials accepted in your recycling.  If you're ever unsure about something being recyclable, send an email or text us using TextMyGov, and we can help determine where it goes.  Otherwise, toss that one item in the trash to avoid contaminating your entire recycling container! Contaminated containers become trash or get left at the curb, so stick to recycling PPMG for a smooth pickup.


Let's dive into the specifics of acceptable and unacceptable materials.

  • Most paper products (examples include computer paper, cardboard boxes, newspaper and paper dishes).
Shredded Paper
  • Place shredded paper in paper bags, securely fold over the top and place in the recycling container.  Think before you shred.  Only shred paper that contains sensitive information.
  • Storage containers and rigid plastic (examples include bottles, jars, jugs, buckets, flowerpots, toys and lawn furniture).
  • Aluminum/steel/tin cans, foil and pans, empty aerosol cans.
  • Bottles, jars and containers of any color, shape and size.
  • Broken beverage and food containers


  • Food waste or materials heavily contaminated with food

  • Plastic trays, cups, utensils, snack/chip bags, film plastic, straws

  • Plastic bags

  • Styrofoam

  • Used motor oil/ antifreeze bottles

  • Broken mirrors, windows and other types of broken glass besides food and beverage containers and glassware

  • Napkins and paper towels

As a reminder, the City uses a single stream process for container pickup, so you do not have to separate your acceptable recyclables.  We'll take them all from just one recycling container.


Before tossing any items, think about if you can reuse them! Reusing items saves energy and can help with your everyday storage.

eCyclingYou may have noticed we don't accept electronics in curbside recycling due to the amount of processing they require, but you can bring your old iPhones, wires, earbuds, etc. to our Public Works Services Facility free disposal:

5-eCycle-button (1) Opens in new window3-Ecycling

RecyclingForBoatersThe City offers the boating community an easy opportunity to recycle while visiting.  After your day out on your boat, visit Susan Campbell Park to recycle all your PPMG materials in the large, blue, wheeled containers so you don't have to take them home.


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