2020 Annapolis Midnight Madness

Midnight Madness FAQsAnnapolis Midnight Madness

Why is the City allowing Midnight Madness during a pandemic?

  • Downtown businesses associations organize this event. Individual businesses set their own business hours, except where prohibited by City ordinance, or in the current situation, by the Governor’s Executive Order setting the closure of restaurants at 10 p.m. 
  • A City permit was not required for this event because there are no road closures or additional safety modifications required.
  • We are supporting the effort by reminding people to shop local and to adhere to pandemic protocols in order to help local businesses survive this challenging time while keeping our residents and visitors safe.

What are you doing to keep these events safe?

  • The City is not permitting food or beverages to be served in the businesses this year so that shoppers may continue to wear their masks while inside of retail establishments.
  • The City is not permitting outside entertainment in an effort to discourage people from gathering together without physical distancing requirements.
  • Per the Governor’s Executive Order, masks are required inside stores and outside when there is an inability to maintain physical distance. This includes Recovery Zones as well as streets and sidewalks in downtown Annapolis. Masks are required. Individuals are expected to take personal responsibility for having a mask and wearing a mask at all times.
  • City CERT volunteers will be onsite to educate visitors, hand out masks and monitor activities.
  • Businesses are responsible for limiting capacity to 50 percent at any one time. [Business owners/operators: If you do not know your capacity, divide the square footage of your retail sales area by 30, then divide that number in half to get your 50 percent occupancy limit including staff]. Capacity limits must be posted in a prominent place.
  • We are requiring businesses to offer hand sanitizer to shoppers.

How can I support local business?

  • Avoid crowds by celebrating “Midday Madness.” Choose a weekday afternoon to shop in stores when they are quieter.
  • Shop by phone with curbside pickup.  Many businesses are offering personal shopper services gratis if you call during slow times).
  • Buy gift certificates from your favorite stores and restaurants.
  • Order from businesses online with curbside pickup, delivery or shipping! Some local business links can be found at the following:)