Recovery Districts and Zones

Market Space Recovery Zone, photo credit Jeff B Voigt Photography

Recovery Zone Update 

Now that the Governor’s State of Emergency for the COVID-19 pandemic is being lifted, the City is working with businesses to continue the favorable outside dining and retail experience that customers seem to enjoy. 

The Office of Law is working on a City Council emergency ordinance to extend the Recovery Zones and special events permits to allow outside dining and shopping options in these areas through November 1. Once the ordinance passes the City Council, businesses with an existing Recovery Zone special events permit will not have to reapply, since this is simply an extension. 

This legislation is similar to what Anne Arundel County is offering local restaurants. 

Please note that the City will not be seeking reimbursement for parking in these areas. In addition, the ordinance is not an extension of the State of Emergency. 

In areas where businesses want to voluntarily give up their parklets or Recovery Zones, the City will remove the barricades and parklets upon request. 

In areas where there are full-time street closures (ie: Dock Street and 4th Street), the City will be individually reaching out to reopen the street and make adjustments to those zones.

Approved Recovery Zone/District Applications