Recovery Districts and Zones

About Recovery Districts and Zones

Find more information on our city’s reopening, including Recovery Zones, Reopening FAQs, Executive Orders, and Department of Health Links at Come Back Annapolis.

The City of Annapolis is establishing Recovery Districts and Zones that will allow businesses to expand into flexible outdoor space so that restaurants and small businesses can reopen and operate while allowing patrons to adhere to physical distancing guidelines during Phase II of the Maryland Roadmap to Recovery plan.

Each Recovery Zone or Recovery District will be managed by the Business Association or Zone Captain for the designated area. Even if your proposed outdoor seating is located on private property, if you are requesting an expansion of seating beyond your currently permitted capacity, your must submit an application as part of a Recovery Zone or District.  

If your business would like to participate, we have created a special event application process for restaurants and retail to request expansions of their premises to allow outdoor dining and shopping in areas not previously authorized, including both the use of private and public property.

How to Seek Approval to be part of a City of Annapolis Recovery District/Zone 

Step One: Contact your Zone Captain to request inclusion in district application.  

Zone Captains:

If you are not located within one of these associations, please contact business association in closest proximity to your business or reach out to

Please note, the hours for expanded outdoor seating: 

  • Music off at 9:30 pm
  • Outdoor seating ends no later than 11:00 pm.  

Step Two: Prepare information for your association’s application that includes:

  • A narrative description of what you plan to do and when
  • A sketch of your outdoor table service area that includes:
    • Number and location of tables spaced to accommodate 6 feet social distancing between each seated party
    • Location of outdoor table service area within reasonable distance of the restaurant
    • Description of how dining area will be cordoned off from general public (ropes, planters, cones, etc.)
    • Points of access to restroom facilities
    • If dining area is to include use of public sidewalks, a continuous 3’ foot wide pedestrian pathway
    • If dining area is to include use of parking lots,
      • Location of all ADA accessible parking
      • Depict traffic flow into, out of, and within the site
      • Depict means of ingress and egress for emergency vehicles
  • Letter of Permission from Owners of Adjacent Properties Used for Outdoor Dining Service (if applicable)
  • Written proof of a current insurance policy or rider establishing that the business is currently insured. Coverage shall be maintained in full force and effect throughout the duration of the Special Event as follows: Commercial General Liability Insurance Policy, including contractual liability, written on an occurrence basis, in adequate quantity to protect against legal liability arising out of the Special Event, but no less than $1,000,000.00 per person and $2,000,000.00 per occurrence in the aggregate, using a Combined Single Limit for bodily injury and property damage.
  • Combined Single Limit for bodily injury and property damage; and Workers Compensation insurance as required by Maryland law, with limits of at least $100,000.00 per accident and $500,000.00 per occupational disease for each employee.

Please check with your business association for further information about insurance and indemnification requirements. 

Step Three: Apply for a Tent Permit (if desired)

Tents will not be required for outdoor table service, however a Tent Permit will still be required to use a tent larger than 120 square feet. If the tent is going to be in use past dusk, you will also need an Electrical Permit for lighting. Please contact John Menassa for more information at 410-260-2200.

For these permits, please apply individually to the Department of Planning and Zoning. Please make sure that the permit applications includes a flame spread rating certificate.

Our goal is to ensure that your customers will be confident that Annapolis and your establishment are safe places to visit and enjoy outdoor dining.  It is in all our interests that every establishment abide by all state and local COVID-19 requirements.  Please be advised that failure to abide by any State or local executive orders regarding public gatherings and other COVID-19 related restrictions will be grounds for the City to void approval for outdoor seating.  All business use must operate in accordance with CDC and Maryland Department of Health COVID-19 guidelines.


If you have any questions or concerns regarding Recovery Zones/Districts, email Visit for further guidance on special events in the City of Annapolis visit the Special Events page

Approved Recovery Zone/District Applications