Rethink Recycling: Know where it goes

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We’ve all been told recycling is important for the environment, but that’s only if it’s done properly. Knowing where materials go and disposing of them correctly is an easy way to invest in our community and keep the City of Annapolis sustainable for many years to come.


If everyone joins our commitment to Rethink Recycling, we can decrease contamination, reduce the amount of recyclables filling our landfill and improve our City’s recycling rate.


When it comes to recycling, not all plastics are created equal.  While some can be re-melted into new products, others just jam facility equipment.  To help do your part with proper recycling, it’s critical to know the difference.

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The key to proper recycling is remembering the four collectible materials - paper, plastic, metal, glass. If you stick  to only throwing these in your recycling bin, you'll be good to go! 

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Having unacceptable materials mixed in with your recyclables contaminates the entire container, resulting in it getting left behind at the curb. Avoid this happening to you by knowing how materials should get recycled. 




Most of the time, your collection day won't change but the holidays may affect the schedule. To make it easier to remember, we pick up recycling, trash, and yard trim on the same day!


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RecyclingFunDownload this activity sheet to get the whole family involved in recycling.  When you complete the activity sheet, take a photo of it post it to social media using #AnnapolisRecycles.

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