Nitty-Gritty Committee

We asked whoever was interested to participate in a deeper dive of the work of the Comprehensive Plan update, that we dubbed the Nitty-Gritty Committee. Several stepped forward, on behalf of their community or board/commission, or sometimes both.

The committee was initially conceived as a citizen’s committee that would meet bi-weekly to provide feedback on past work to elevate, current work for the plan, and the process we are undertaking, as well as hear presentations on specific topics in the plan from pertinent experts. One of the first tasks of the committee was to review the policies that we had not yet implemented from the last Comprehensive Plan and which ones were worth bringing forward to include in the new plan.

As all of our situations rapidly changed, we refocused the efforts of the committee to be entirely virtual. Most recently, they were tasked with describing their favorite place and why it is their favorite. This is what they shared:

  • The street end park and dock at the foot of Amos Garrett in Spa Creek.  It looks across to Truxton Park which is a view that changes with the seasons.  Since we’ve been a half a block away for 34 years, it is a place that holds many special memories.
  • For now, practicing physical distancing on the deck of my condo which overlooks Hawkin’s Cove and taking the time to enjoy  beauty as spring emerges, diverse wildlife visitors and ultimate sign of hope: folks launching their boats at Truxton boat ramp. This slowed pace and quiet is healing.
  • Riding my bike on the back roads of Anne Arundel County (either alone or with a group of friends).
  • Favorite Place: s/v Owl Moon
    Why:  I love sailing
  • In my studio making art.
  • Poplar Park is my favorite. When it was proposed (by Dean Johnson), the pushback was sudden and surprising – “Don’t Pave The Park” and the subtext “It Will Bring Crime.” But what hath it wrought? Trees, flower beds, and a nearly constant stream of people. O, and I would say less crime than ever. When the Path is extended to Route 2, it will become even more popular. The Popular Poplar Park Path.
  • My favorite outdoors spot these days is my backyard with it’s flowering trees - Cherry, Redbud and yellow magnolia are in bloom right now. My next favorite spot is the St. Johns campus waterfront. Lots of birds, calming waters and wide open space, although there is lots of plastic trash along the shoreline.... I am going to suggest the stranded students do a socially-distanced Earth Day cleanup.