The History - City of Annapolis Water Treatment Plant

The Annapolis Water Company was chartered in 1865 by the Maryland General Assembly after a fire at the State House in 1863.

1880circa Engineer Residence is a white two story house with a covered front porch.

Disturbed by the lack of an adequate supply of water to fight the fire and concerns about the increased demand created by the Naval Academy, Maryland lawmakers ordered the creation of a company for the purpose of providing "pure, healthful water for all purposes."  Waterworks began in 1866.  It was designed by civil engineer William Rich Hutton, who had recently completed the Washington aqueduct.  Innovative concrete pipes that carried water into Annapolis.  

In 1912 Annapolis’ water plant was one of the first to add a filtration system.  Maryland State Board of Health reported that Annapolis water was far superior to that of Maryland’s largest City.  In 1929 The filtration building was built.  This building was the main portion of the water treatment system used until 2017.

Front of Orignal Water Plant
picture of the Reservior and Dam
Pump House is a brick structure with white wooden double doors and two windows on each side of the d

Prior to 1931 Water was piped from the reservoir to man-made settling basins, then distributed from the pump house.

1939 Annapolis drilled its first drinking water well and began mixing that with the water from the reservoir.

In 1985 during a water distribution repair, City personnel discovered some wooden water pipes that were used to carry water to City residents.  We estimate that these pipes pre-date the civil war.

Wooden water pipe