Report Fraud, Waste, Abuse (833) 940-0008


 (833) 940-0008

Fraud, waste, and abuse hurt everyone – the residents and taxpayers of the City, employees, and vendors. To help ensure effective, efficient government operations free from fraud, waste, and abuse, the City of Annapolis has established a Fraud, Waste, and Abuse hotline.

You are encouraged to use the hotline to report any allegations of fraud, waste, or abuse within City government of which you become aware.  Examples are theft and embezzlement, bribery, kickbacks, misuse of City property, violations of City laws and regulations, and falsification of contracts, reports, or records.

The hotline is run by a third-party vendor who fields the communications and reports the allegations o the Chair of the Audit Committee.  The Chair is the only one who sees the report initially, and the Chair decides how to proceed with investigation, which may, at the Chair’s discretion, include sharing the report with the City Manager, City Attorney, and, if appropriate, City Finance Director. 

You may report your tip anonymously.  Should you choose to provide your identity or contact information, which is useful if the Chair of the Audit Committee or those the Chair is working with on the matter need additional information, we will keep your identity confidential.  However, depending on the situation and information provided, others may make assumptions about who provided the tip.  For example, if you report a situation that only a limited number of people are aware of, others may make an assumption that you provided the tip.  

Please note this hotline is NOT for the purpose of reporting the following types of complaints:

  • Personnel grievances:  The City has grievance procedures for such matters. Please contact Human Resources (410-263-7998) for more information on how to file an employee grievance. 
  • EEOC complaints:  Again, the City has a protocol for filing EEOC complaints.  Please contact Human Resources (410-263-7998) for more information.
  • Safety violations:  The City has a Safety and Risk Manager.  Please contact the Finance Department (410-263-7952) to report a safety violation or unsafe working condition.
  • Ethics violations:  Ethics violations should be reported directly to the Ethics Commission at 410-263-7954.  It is not appropriate for the Chair of the Audit Committee to screen allegations of ethics violations.

Help make our City better by reporting any improprieties you witness. We take all allegations seriously and will investigate thoroughly. 

Michael D. Mallinoff, Esq.

City Manager



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