Public Works Maintenance Facility Task Force Committee


The initial meeting of the Task Force will take place on Tuesday, July 23 at 2 PM at the Pip Moyer Recreation Center

Agendas & Minutes

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Environmental impact

  • Matthew Johnston, AACO,
  • Bill Davidson, Annapolis Neck

Land use

  • Phil Hager - AACO Planning Director  
  • Elliott Powell - Developer, Economic Development


  • Cliff Martin, County Housing Director   
  • Kathy Koch, Arundel Community Development Services


  • Nester Flores, AACO Department of Public Works  
  • Nancy Randall, resident expert (tentative)

Connectivity and recreational amenities  

  • Jon Korin, Chair of Bike Commission (tentative)  
  • Greg Stewart, SR Manager for Planning AACPS

Impact on Communities, Wards 4, 5 and 1  

  • Kathy Ebner, Homes for America 
  •  Curtis  Jones, the American Legion 
  • Dan Brookes - Ward 4 
  • Minor Carter, Ward 5 
  • Julie Kizer Ball, Ward 1

Impact on Businesses

  • Jared Littmann, owner, True Value Hardware
  • Village Green

Fiscal impact   

  • Bill Davidson, Annapolis Neck

Impact on employees  

  • Don Hankins, AFSCME
  • Jackie Allsup, NAACP President
  • Alderwoman Sheila M. Finlayson Ward 4


Public Works Maintenance Facility Task Force- For the purpose of establishing a temporary advisory Task Force commissioned to provide the City Council with findings and recommendations on the benefits and detriments of the proposed maintenance facility described in the Maintenance Facilities capital project; and generally relating to the Task Force.