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Update as Chair of the City Task Force regarding the Public Works Facility:

Please note the press release linked below. The City has found an alternative location and site for the Publics Works facility and is pursuing this site on Hudson Street. It is in an industrial area, is zoned industrial, does not have residential properties nearby, is already graded, and is over 6 acres. Furthermore, it does not appear to have the environmental concerns that were identified by either of the properties that this group examined. In addition, because this building will not be in a residential area, Director (soon to be City manager) David Jarrell suggested that there will be cost savings from not using as much glass for exterior walls and other changes. The funding for this land purchase of $2.2 million will come from the $5+ million currently budgeted for this building.

With this new development, the Task Force will not be asked to produce a final report or do any further examination and the Task Force is now dissolved. The Mayor has stated his intention to continue to pursue connectivity improvements and the Council, including the Mayor, will collectively determine the disposition of the Spa Road land. The work that the Task Force did, and the input that it received, helped achieve this progress by highlighting the concerns and identifying the issues presented by the Spa Road and Forest Drive sites. Further, the work that the Task Force members did on connectivity, environmental concerns at Spa Road, traffic, will all continue to be relevant and helpful to the City and Council.

I thank the Task Force members for their time and effort. This was a professional and knowledgeable group and I was pleased to work with them on this project. I also thank those that attended our public hearings and submitted written testimony.

Jared Littmann, Task Force Chair

On November 12, 2019, the Task Force received this memo from the Mayor requesting that the Task Force pause its work until January to give the City time to consider the impacts of a preliminary report from MDE. This is a prudent request given the new information from MDE.

I've therefore asked that all committees pause their work for the time being. I won't speculate here on possible outcomes or the tasks remaining come January. However, regardless of what changes are made to our scope, if any, I'm confident that the work of the Task Force and input from local residents have produced valuable information and thoughts for consideration by the Mayor and Council. I sincerely thank all Task Force participants and residents who submitted oral or written testimony. 


Jared Littmann

Task Force Chair

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Questions or comments for the committee should be directed to Some individual subcommittee chairs can also be contacted directly as provided below.

Impact on Business

Darrell Hale** -  Attorney; mediator

Jared Littmann*,  -  Former Alderman, Ward 5; K&B True Value

Impact on City Employees    

Don Hankins**,  -  AFSCME;

Jackie  Allsup - NAACP

Impact on City Finances    

Bill Davidson, - MoCo / former manager Div. Solid Waste

Scott  Gibson**, - Public Administration Expert; finance

Impact on Community    

Curtis Jones -  American Legion; communications and security

Dan Brookes - President of Kingsport; Ward 4

Roger Kizer Ball - Truxton Heights, Ward 1

Backup: Roger Kizer Ball - Heidi Rothenhaus    

Kathy Ebner**, - Homes for America; Ward 8

Minor Carter - Ward 1 and 5; lobbyist

Tom Baker, Kingsport Resident, Ward 4,, 410-280-8811     

Impact on Environment    

Bil Davidson - MoCo / former manager Div. Solid Waste

Jesse Illif**,  - So. River Fed.

Impact on Housing    

Cliff  Martin - Housing Commission for AACo/CEO

Backup: Cliff Martin - Diane  Haislip, Housing Commission for AACo/Deputy

Impact on Land Use / Other Gov'ts    

Eliot Powell***, - Developer / Economic Development

Phil Hager** - AACo / Planning Director

Impact on Traffic / Connect. / Rec.    

Greg Stewart - AACPS / Sr. Mgr. for Planning

Jon Korin - President of Bike AAA

Nestor A. Flores, P.E., PTOE, Chief, Traffic Engineering Division

 Joel Campbell**  - IT field, mapping; property appraiser

 Tom Baker

 Alan Kushner, Kingsport neighborhood 

  * Task Force Chair    

** Subcommittee Chair    

*** Task Force Vice Chair    

Public Works Maintenance Facility Task Force - relevant references

City Staff Support:    Archie Trader, Director, Recreation and Parks

City Staff Support:    Brian Cahalan, Economic Policy Analyst

City Staff Support:    David Jarrell, Director, Public Works

City Staff Support:    Inna  Young, Web Developer MIT

City Staff Support:    Jackie Guild,   Director, Environmental Policy

City Staff Support:    Kerry Berger, Acting City Attorney

City Staff Support:    Kwaku  Agyemang-Duah, Transportation Department

City Staff Support:    Lyn  Farrow,  Assistant City Manager

City Staff Support:    Mitchelle Stephenson,  Public Information Officer

City Staff Support:    Rena Simms,  PW Admin (minutes)

City Staff Support:    Rick  Gordon,  Director, Transportation

City Staff Support:    Michael Mallinoff , Acting Director, P&Z

City Staff Support:    Susy Smith,  Chief of Staff, Office of the Mayor

Forest Dr. prop. Owner  Tom Baum,   Owner, LaTerra Homes