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Kickoff Meeting: Setting Goals for the Next 20 Years

Word association activity where meeting participants brainstormed what Annapolis should be like over the next 20 years

Annapolis Ahead word cloud

On Tuesday May 7th, 2019, the City kicked off the 2020 Comprehensive Plan update, Annapolis Ahead, with an open house at the "Pip" Moyer Recreation Center. During the evening, attendees:

  • Learned about the foundation of what the Comprehensive Plan could be
  • Dreamt up words and phrases with friends and neighbors that represented aspirations for the next 20 years of Annapolis
  • Identified goals both original and existing around a particular theme, that the City should strive to meet in this next phase
  • Learned about the City's current trajectory demographically and economically and asked questions about what that entails
  • Voted on which goals that fellow groups came up with are most important to pursue in the Comprehensive Plan

Click through the slideshow below to see what groups came up with in response to the question:

May 7 Open House Flyer

What should the next 20 years be like for Annapolis?

Resilience/Environment Group Words/Phrases

Resilience and Environment Words

Resilience/Environment Group Goals

Resilience and Environment Goals

Health/Parks Group Words and Goals

Health and Parks Goals and Words

Housing Group Words and Goals

Housing Goals and Words

Economic Development Group Goals

Economy Goals

Economic Development Group Words

Economy Word Associations

Land Use and Cultural Resources Group

LUCR Word Associations

Land Use and Cultural Resources Group

LUCR Goals

Transportation Group Words and Goals

Transportation Goals and Words

Goals by themes at the meeting pulled from past plans and studies

Reports and Documents Legend
Resilience, Adaptation, Environment and Sustainability Goals
Healthy Communities and Parks Goals
Housing Goals
Economic Development Goals
Land Use and Cultural Resources Goals
Transportation Goals