Restoration Project Workflow and Requirements

Stream Restoration/Storm Water Retrofit Projects

Project Workflow and Requirements

In an effort to establish a more efficient and effective review of the City projects related to stream restoration and storm water retrofit projects, the following process has been established.


Pre-Application meeting

Prior to an organization ("the Organization") submitting an application for a grant for a project that would be located within the City of Annapolis, a meeting will be held with appropriate City staff, including but not limited to personnel from the Office of Environmental Policy, the Departments of Public Works and Planning & Zoning, and the Law Office.  At this meeting, specific information should be provided by the Organization to City staff, including a detailed project scope, an "order of magnitude" cost estimate, project schedule or timeline, estimated cost of annual ongoing maintenance, and future monitoring requirements.

Site Visit

After the review of the scope of the proposed project, an on-site visit with all relevant parties will be conducted to review and discuss existing conditions.  Subsequent or follow-up information may be needed from the Organization.

Memorandum of Agreement

After the application has been submitted and prior to award of the grant, the respective parties will draft an Agreement to be finalized after the grant has been awarded.  Prior to finalization of the Agreement but after award of the grant, the proposed project and grant award will be submitted to the City's Finance Department, which will seek approval of the grant by the City Council's Budget and Finance Committee.


Preliminary Plans Submission (30% drawings)

If the project is approved by the Budget and Finance Committee, the Organization will prepare and submit preliminary design plans and calculations for review. The following information will be needed as part of the "30% design package":

  • Conceptual Design Drawings
  • Preliminary Design Calculations
  • Details on Trees and Environmental Features
  • Right-of-Way requirements and inventory of all properties impacted by project
  • Proposed public outreach schedule and exhibits
  • Permit Requirements
  • Documentation of submission to the State of Maryland and any other regulatory Agency reviews (not including Army Corps of Engineers and MDE)
  • Forest Conservation or Chesapeake Bay Critical Area Requirements
  • Updated Project Schedule/Timeline

 After the submittal of the above information is determined to be complete and comments from all agencies involved are received, applications should be submitted to the Army Corps of Engineers and MDE.  The project can move to the next Phase of the project after the applications are submitted to the Army Corps of Engineers and MDE.


Public Outreach

The Organization shall make a public presentation of the details of the project to the affected Community.

Preliminary right-of-way plats will be submitted for review by the City.

The Organization will provide to the City the Letter of Intent documents from all property owners impacted by the project and from whom right-of-entry agreements will be required for the project.


Final Plans submission (60% drawings)

The following information will be needed as part of the "60% design package":

  • 60% Design Drawings
  • Final "Basis of Design" calculations for storm water
  • Chesapeake Bay Critical Area concurrence
  • Finalized Agreements
  • Grading Permit Application and Review
  • Updated Project Schedule/Timeline

All agency reviews, including Army Corps of Engineers and MDE, shall be completed at this stage.


Issuance of permits

All bonding requirements satisfied

City issues grading permit


Post Construction

As builts provided to the City after construction has been completed.

Post construction monitoring and maintenance begins.