Central Purchasing Office

The Central Purchasing office is open and operating during the City’s closure for COVID-19.

Central Purchasing Office is responsible for various procurement efforts for all departments. It approves and processes purchase orders for various vendors and conducts competitive bidding to establish contracts for goods, services and projects.

View project information sheet for the Hillman/City Dock project, as well as a blank information sheet that can be used for interested subcontractors to fill out and return.

Hilman Garage Project

MONTHLY REPORT for December 2021

Current Procurements - Status

RFP 21-17 Design Services - Stanton Center Renovation

- 8 Proposals received.  Review in progress.

 RFQ 21-19 Owner’s Representative Services – Multiple Disciplines

- 14 Qualification Statements received.   Review in progress.

 IFB 21-21 Universal Lodge Exterior Renovations

- Awarded to The Durable Restoration Company.   Contract in process.

RFQ 21-22 Historic Preservation Consultants – On-Call Services

- 20 Qualification Statements received.   Review in progress.

RFQ 22-03 Maynard Burgess House – Renovation and Addition

- 4 Firms pre-qualified.  Bids due 1/11/22.

RFP 22-04 Heavy Duty Surface Mounted Vehicle Lift

- Awarded to Alan Tye and Associates. Contract in process.

RFP 22-05 Water Storage Tank Inspection 

- 4 Proposals received.  Review in progress.

IFB 22-06 Taylor Ave Fire Station – Attic Insulation Replacement

- No Bids received.

 IFB 22-07 Taylor Ave Fire Station – Ventilation System Improvements

- 2 Bids received.  Review in progress.

 IFB 22-10 Design-Build Church Circle Water Distribution System Improvements 

- Awarded to Schummer, Inc.  Contract in process.

IFB 22-11 Utility Construction Materials

- Awarded to Core & Main.  PO issued.

 IFB 22-12 Taylor Ave Fire Station – Range Hood Replacement

- No Bids received.

 RFP 22-13 Shared Micromobility Program

- Pre-proposal meeting 12/7.  Proposals due 1/13/22.

IFB 22-14 Generator – New DPW Facility

- One bid received.  Review in progress.

 IFB 22-15 Camera System Servers

- 10 Bids received. Awarded to Granilux. Contract in process.

 Hillman Garage/City Dock Redevelopment Project

- Awarded to Annapolis Mobility and Resilience Partners (AMRP)

- Whiting Turner Contracting Company seeking Sub-Contractors – Awards December 2021

- Visit www.annapoliscitydockproject.com 

Completed Procurements – Status

RFP 14-14 DPW Maintenance Facilities – Design/Build Services

- Awarded to Gardiner & Gardiner.  Project schedule for January 2023 completion.

 RFP 17-14 Stormwater and Flood Mitigation Design 

- Awarded to AECOM.  Archaeologic work completed.   Permitting to follow.  Project schedule to be developed.

RFP 19-11 DPW Standard Specifications and Details Update

- Awarded to Gannett Fleming.  Project scheduled for June 2022 completion.

RFP 19-18 Comprehensive Plan Update

- Multiple awards – BAE Urban Economics, Jakubiak & Associates, Stantec Architecture and Smith Planning.  Plan scheduled for September 2022 completion. 

 RFP 20-03 Design-Build-Finance-Operate-Maintain Services for Redevelopment of Parking Facilities and Resilience Infrastructure 

- Awarded to Annapolis Mobility and Resilience Partners.  Pre-Development Agreement executed.  Feasibility study completed.  Hillman Garage project schedule for March 2023 completion.

IFB 21-08 Fluoride Sampling Equipment – Water Treatment Plant

- Awarded to Adrian Merton, Inc.  Project scheduled for March 2022 completion.

RFP 21-10 Land Use and Resilience Planning Services – Military Installation Resilience Review

- Awarded to Stantec Consulting Services.   Project scheduled for September 2022 completion.

RFP 20-15 Engineering Services – Cheston Avenue Street End Park

- Awarded to Drum, Loyka and Associates.   Project scheduled for December 2021.

 RFP 21-18 Design and Traffic Engineering Services – Annapolis Bikeways

- Awarded to Mead and Hunt.  Project scheduled for May 2022 completion.

 IFB 21-20 CCTV Inspection Services – Sewer System

- Awarded to Arthur Engineering Services.   Multi-year Agreement.

IFB 21-23 Maynard Burgess House – Plaster Restoration    

- Awarded to Christopher Mills Conservation Services, LLC.  Project scheduled for January 2022 completion.

RFQ 21-24 Owner’s Representative Services – DPW Services Facility

- Awarded to KCI.  Project scheduled for March 2023 completion.

 IFB 22-08 New Pressure Zone Water System Improvements

- Awarded to Mid-Atlantic Utilities.   Review in progress.

Pending Procurements

IFB 22-XX Construction Services – Eastport Fire Station Fire Sprinkler System

- Draft in progress.  Anticipated release TBD.

 IFB 22-XX Parking Facility Access System

- Draft in progress.  Anticipated release TBD.

 RFP 22-XX PEG Studio Services

- Draft in progress.  Anticipated release TBD.

 RFP 22-XX Eastport Fire Station Shower Renovation – Design Services

- Draft in progress.  Anticipated release TBD

RFP 22-XX Westgate Circle Outdoor Artwork

- Draft in progress.  Anticipated release TBD

 RFP 22-XX Office Space Planning

- Draft in progress.  Anticipated release TBD

RFP 22-XX Financial Auditing Services

- Draft in progress.  Anticipated release TBD

RFP 22-XX LEAD Program

- Draft in progress.  Anticipated release TBD



Central Purchasing Office is a subdivision of the Finance Department.

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