Naptown Anti-Dope Move[meant]


The Mayor‘s Office of Public Engagement is launching a public health awareness initiative called The Naptown Anti-Dope Movemeant. This initiative was designed in direct response to the alarming fatal overdose rate of African Americans in the City of Annapolis. Take The Pledge  

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naptown anti-dope event poster

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NAM PART 3 Gallery

NAM part 3 Poster

NAM PART 2 Gallery

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June Johnson Testimonial

June Johnson giving her testimonial

Community Leaders Panel

Community Leaders Panel at NAM

NAM Launch Photo

NAM Launch American Legion Post 141

NAM PT 2 Robinwood

N.A.M. Part 2 at Robinwood Community Center

Nam Part 2 Robinwood

Director of Public Engagement for the Mayors Office William Rowel welcomes group to NAM Part 2 at Robinwood Community Center

Ald. Shaneka Henson Explaining Ward 6 Overdose Data at Robinwood Community Center

Ald. Shaneka Henson explaining Ward 6 overdose data at Robinwood Community Center

NAM part 3 EastPort

N.A.M. Part 3 at the Eastport Community Center

NAM Launch Recap