Randall/Dock Traffic Signal Project

Community Meeting was held at the Market house on Wednesday, January 23, 2019 at 10:00 AM and 7:00 PM

The results from the traffic study below were presented at the meeting.

Traffic Study

The following Powerpoint presentation on the Randall/Dock Traffic Signal Warrant Study was given to the Transportation Committee on Thursday, February 21st.   An announcement was made at the beginning of the briefing that the City has decided to pause the traffic signal  project while the City and Historic Annapolis assemble a group of experts and stakeholders to lead an extensive outreach effort into the community and to prepare an action and implementation strategy.   

Per Historic Annapolis' website, (www.annapolis.org):  "Their focus, coupled with working subcommittees, will be to identify actions that will address resiliency, infrastructure, capital investments, cultural and historic investment, parking and pedestrian and bicycle connections. This group will also engage the public though workshops, community meetings, and the detailed work of several subcommittees. The many reports that have been prepared on this subject over the past several years will also serve as a resource for this effort. Using the ULI report as a framework, the goal is to craft a blueprint that can be put into effect by the fall." 

Randall/Dock Traffic Signal Warrant Study