Community Facilities

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The Community Facilities chapter focuses principally on improving the City’s parks, open spaces, and recreation programs. Equitable access to these amenities is of principal focus, particularly the expansion of public access to the waterfront. Additionally, there is an opportunity to merge our recreation and parks resources with our network of natural resources, bikeways, and trails, to create a comprehensive park system for the City.

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Merge Annapolis' parks and recreation system with its evolving network of conservation areas and trails to create a comprehensive greenway system.

Performance Metric: 

  • Publication of a comprehensive park system map that includes active parks, waterfront access points, passive natural areas, as well as connecting trails and bikeways. 

Action 1: Revise the mission of the Annapolis Conservancy Board to include regular coordination with the Department of Recreation and Parks

Action 2: Refine and publish an official park system map that includes detailed information on access to conservation areas, water access, and trail connections. 

Action 3: Design, adopt and implement a Greenway Plan that identifies lands which provide significant environmental, recreation, aesthetic, and/or health benefits and details strategies to maintain the values these lands provide; The plan should be managed jointly by the Annapolis Conservancy Board and the Department of Planning and Zoning, updated regularly, and coordinated with Anne Arundel County’s Green Infrastructure Plan. (also listed with the Land Use element under goal LU 6)

Action 4: Explore training opportunities for Parks maintenance staff to include habitat restoration and conservation land management.

Action 5: Prioritize the development of a dedicated parks maintenance facility at Truxtun Park, or at another feasible location.