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The Housing chapter complements the Municipal Growth and Land Use chapters in addressing Annapolis’ acute shortage of affordable housing options. In many respects, providing additional housing options is not just a matter of housing more people, it’s a matter of housing a greater diversity of people that can contribute to the economy and culture of the city. For this reason, there is a significant focus on finding ways to provide “missing middle” housing, the type of housing accessible to middle income residents who have fewer and fewer housing options in the city.

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Produce a supply of affordable rental and ownership housing in order to meet current and projected needs.

Performance Metrics: 

  • The percent of total renter households that are “severely cost burdened” is reduced to 10% by 2040.
  • The percent of total home-owner households that are Severely Cost Burdened by 2040 is reduced to 6.5%

Action 1: Coordinate with Anne Arundel County and the State of Maryland  to encourage the development of affordable and moderately priced rental and owner-occupied housing within the greater Annapolis area.

Action 2: Promote infill development and redevelopment in the Upper West Street corridor to increase the supply of housing, and rental units in particular, that complements and enhances the existing Parole community. (also listed in the Land Use element under goal LU 1)

Action 3: Use the City’s authority to annex and permit development to promote housing development in the City’s 82.6-acre Growth Area

Action 4: Reevaluate the Moderately Priced Dwelling Unit (MPDU) program and consider its practicality; explore opportunities to expand the requirement for MPDU’s within planned developments.

Action 5: Revise the R3 and R4 Districts and increase the allowable housing unit density to standards that are more compatible with the urban center Annapolis has become. 

Action 6: Explore the feasibility of permitting multi-family dwelling units in all zoning districts where they are currently only allowed by special exception.