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The Transportation chapter is focused on improving how those who live in Annapolis, work here or visit the City get around. Our City is constrained geographically which means alleviating traffic congestion can’t be solved by simply expanding or adding new roadways. One of our best strategies is to improve the alternative mobility options that exist in the city to ensure those who wish to walk, bike, or use public transit can do so safely and comfortably, and to encourage more people to consider these options.

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Shift the mix of mobility investments towards public transit, micro-mobility/ridesharing, active modes and support for telework options to double the usage of these modes by 2040.

Performance Metric: 

  • Capital investments in transportation for public transportation, walking, biking, and Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) will increase from 7% to 15% of General Fund expenditures by Fiscal Year 2025 and 25% by 2030

Action 1: Complete the Bike network improvements identified in the 2011 Bike Master Plan.

Action 2: Ensure that all approved bike facility recommendations are budgeted and implemented with CIP roadway improvements.

Action 3: Prioritize the design and construction of the West East Express (WEE) bike corridor as the spine of the City’s bike network.

Action 4: Explore the feasibility of a no-fare public transit system to encourage more ridership.

Action 5: Implement a micro-transit pilot program to test the feasibility of on-demand service.

Action 6: Implement integrated micro-mobility options particularly to improve mobility into and through the downtown area, including micro-transit, bikeshare, paddleshare, ridesharing services, carshare, ferries, and an integrated Annapolis Mobility App integrated with Annapolis Transit.

Action 7: Connect Annapolis Transit with the Truman Parkway park-and-ride station and work with Anne Arundel County and MTA to create new express stop(s) for several routes at the County’s proposed multi-modal transit center.

Action 8: Work with MTA and private commuter bus services to establish rush hour stops along Forest Drive and explore the feasibility of a dedicated intermodal transit hub in the Bay Ridge/Hillsmere area.