Land Use

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The Land Use chapter is intimately related to the Municipal Growth chapter as it provides more detailed guidance on how the land of the City should be used and leveraged to provide maximum public benefit. New policy tools and adjustments to existing tools, particularly the City’s zoning code, are the primary means to guide land use as they can effectively ensure that new development happens where it is most sensible and appropriate, and is sensitive to its surrounding context.

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Simplify the zoning code so that it is easier to develop infill projects that complement the neighborhoods and creeksheds where they are located.

Performance Metric: 

  • New zoning standards are adopted for a set of new mixed use place types which help to consolidate and simplify the City’s zoning districts.
  • By 2030, small area plans have been prepared for the City’s creek watershed areas that coordinate land use with environmental goals.

Action 1: Amend the Zoning Ordinance, as recommended herein, to bring its requirements into better alignment with the desire for compatibility between new and existing development.

Action 2: Prepare small area plans for each of the City’s creek watershed areas that coordinate land use with environmental goals to support both the continued improvement of the City’s waterways and a model for sensible infill development. (also listed with goal WR 3 in the Water Resource element)

Action 3: Create illustrations of generally acceptable building design principles for each of the Development Types identified in this chapter and use as models for the character of new construction that is expected.

Action 4: Specifically promote infill development and redevelopment in the Upper West Street corridor to facilitate the creation of a walkable community where new housing options and neighborhood commercial uses coexist with and enhance the existing Parole community. (also listed in the Housing element under goal H 1)