City of Annapolis Summer Concert Series

City Dock Summer Concert 2021

City Dock's 2021 Summer Concerts are back!

Join friends and neighbors at Annapolis City Dock this summer for live music. The concerts are free and open to the general public. Bring a lawn chair, put on your dancing shoes, grab a carry out meal. Have fun! See you there.

July 3rd, 2021.Spa Creek Band3:15-4:00PM
July 3rd, 2021.Bayside Big Band4:15-5:00PM
July 4th, 2021.MC3 Contemporary Dance6:30-7:30PM
July 4th, 2021.Navy Jazz Band8:00-9:00PM
July 9th, 2021.City Dock Tango7:00-10:00PM
July 11th, 2021.Karousel7:00-9:00PM
July 18th, 2021.Crabtowne Big Band7:00-9:00PM
July 25th, 2021.City Dock Salsa6:30-9:00PM
August 1st, 2021.MC3 Contemporary Dance5:30-6:30PM
August 1st, 2021.Room 4 1 More7:00-9:00PM
August 4th, 2021.City Dock Movie Night7:00-9:00PM
August 8th, 2021.Dr Phil Butts Big Band7:00-9:00PM
August 13th, 2021.City Dock Tango7:00-10:00PM
August 15th, 2021.Annapolis Junction Big Band7:00-9:00PM
August 22nd, 2021.Starvation Army Jazz Band7:00-9:00PM
August 29th, 2021.City Dock Salsa6:30-9:00PM
September 3rd, 2021.City Dock Tango7:00-9:00PM
September 5th, 2021.Dan Haas Band7:00-9:00PM
September 5th, 2021.MC3 Contemporary Dance5:30-6:30PM
September 10th, 2021.City Dock Tango7:00-10:00PM
September 17th, 2021.City Dock Tango7:00-10:00PM
September 19th, 2021.Zydeco-a-Go-Go7:00-9:00PM
September 26th, 2021.City Dock Salsa6:30-9:00PM
October 3rd, 2021.Laura Brino7:00-9:00PM
October 3rd, 2021.MC3 Contemporary Dance5:30-6:30PM
October 24th, 2021.Pete Best and Peterbuilt7:00-9:00PM

4th of July Programming

July 2nd, 2021.DJ Music5:00-7:00PMMaryland Hall
July 2nd, 2021.Room 4 1 More Performance7:00PMMaryland Hall
July 2nd, 2021.Arts & Crafts5:00-8:00PMMaryland Hall
July 2nd, 2021.Tango with Orchestra7:00-10:00PMMain Street
July 2nd, 2021.Chambers Park Concert7:00-9:00PMChambers Park
July 3rd, 2021.SoulJourners2:00-2:45PMMain St
July 3rd, 2021.Bayside Big Band4:15-5:00PMMain St
July 3rd, 2021.Spa Creek Band4:15-5:00PMMain St
July 3rd, 2021.Naptown Brass Band5:00PMMain St, to City Dock
July 3rd, 2021.Salsa at City Dock6:30-9:30PMCity Dock
July 3rd, 2021.Live Music on West Street5:00-10:00PMWest St
July 4th, 2021.Dance in the Street WRNR3:00-6:00PMTop of Main Street
July 4th, 2021.MC3 Contemporary Dance Troupe6:30PMCity Dock
July 4th, 2021.Navy Jazz Band8:00PMCity Dock