Housing Authority


The Annapolis Housing Authority is a legal entity separate from the City of Annapolis. The seven member board is appointed by the Mayor for a term of five years.

Additional Information

Contact the Housing Authority at 410-267-8000 for more information.

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Name Appointed Reappointed Expires
Sandra Chapman, Senior Resident 9/22/14   9/23/19
Jacquelyn Wells, Chair,Non-Senior Resident 6/10/13 3/4/19 3/4/2024
Andre Atkins, Secretary  9/24/19   10/23/23
Kimberlee Cornett 4/24/17   7/31/22
Craig Coates 12/9/19    
Arthur Edwards  9/29/2019    
Phil Gibbs, Treasurer  4/23/2018   9/26/2021

Annual Reports