One Annapolis Programs

Annapolis offers something special, remarkable, historic, and stunning around every corner - a hidden creek or a perfect hilltop view of the water or a marker of our City’s unparalleled combination of cultures, cuisines, creeds, and ethnicities. 

As Mayor, I have the privilege of seeing and celebrating it all each and every day. It’s part of my job description. It’s my task too, to share it with everyone who visits us, travels here and most of all, calls Annapolis home. Here are a few of our favorite memories, moments, and monuments in this Capital city on the Bay. 

Rodney Barnes Key to the City Celebration

For more information about this event, and to obtain e-tickets. Visit this page

  1. One Annapolis Programs
  2. Quality of Life
  3. Hispanic Outreach
  4. African-American Outreach
  5. Neighborhood Civic Engagement
  6. LGBTQ
  7. Community Safety Services

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  • One Block at a Time
  • Youth Pop Up Camps
  • Community Engagement Sessions
  • Safe Summer/End of School
  • Back to School
  • Safe Spring Break(Basketball Camp)
  • Little Free Libraries Project