Planning Tool For Annapolis Historic District

Access these useful links to research, purchase, renovate, and care for your historic property.  

We’ve compared the process - just for fun - to a successful dinner party.

A Preservation Recipe For Success

Plan The Menu

Just like figuring out which one is the vegetarian in the crowd, learn the special details about your property.

Rely On Joy Of Cooking

Would you use the Chef Boyardee website for a Farm-To-Table meal? Use the best sources to guide your preservation project. 

Preheat The Oven

Just as you choose the correct temperature for that soufflé, you’ll pick the right application for your permits.

Follow The Recipe Precisely

If you wander from Julia Child’s advice, your yeast bread may end up as a pancake...ensure a good outcome with our Guidelines at hand.

Call The Cook’s  Hotline 

 Help is a phone call away at the Butterball Turkey Hotline, but if you need preservation assistance about your property, we hope you’ll contact our division.  

  • Schedule Appointments And Site Visits:  410-260-2200 

Claim The Prize-winning Recipe 

You just won the Pillsbury Bake-off!  Well, not quite, but you can receive tax credits for your blood, sweat, and tears.  


Enjoy An After Dinner Stroll         


Walk off those calories and learn about one of our historic neighborhoods by playing a witty walking game.       



Leave Recipes For The Next Generation 


Thankfully, corn pudding cooked with real butter, real milk, and lots of salt is memorialized forever in Helen Tawes’ My Favorite Maryland Recipes.  Honor your home for generations to follow with a plaque or an easement.

  1. John Tower

    Chief of Historic Preservation
    Phone: 410-260-2200 ext. 7790

Roberta Laynor, Chief of Historic Preservation

A Preservation Recipe For Success - Dinner