Public Meeting #3: Draft Plan -- Visions Taking Shape

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In the two open house meetings, this past Fall and Winter, we first asked what the issues were along the corridor and in your community, and then provided some strategic responses (potential solutions) to those issues, allowing you to comment and add your own ideas.

At this 3rd meeting, we unveiled concepts from the first draft plan, shaped by the two open houses, two community surveys, and every conversation in between and since. The draft is by no means a finished product so we sought your input on what we had done right up to that point and what we could add or improve.

Couldn't make the meeting?  See the Powerpoint presentation and the recorded presentation:

Please provide us with your feedback:

  • Answer a series of questions about the draft. 
  • Email any additional comments/thoughts about the draft plan

In case you were unable to attend the meeting, we are collecting responses to the same questions in an online survey. Please complete the survey before May 16th, 2018.

Public Meeting 3 Flyer
April 11 Presentation