Constituent Services

Hilary Roggio Raftovich Constituent Services Officer & Ombudsman

  •  Advocate representing the interests of all constituents of the City if Annapolis by investigating and addressing constituent complaints regarding City services.
  • Clearinghouse for all constituent concerns addressed to the Office of Mayor, to assure that the appropriate communication for each request is properly communicated to City Departments.
  • ADA Compliance Officer addressing and or investigating concerns of non-compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act as required.  
  • Representative of the Mayor on the Anne Arundel County Commission on Disability Issues, the Anne Arundel County Coordinating Council of the Four Rivers Heritage Areas, City of Annapolis Commission on Aging as the representative to the Mayor's Office.
  • Liaison to HACA (Housing Authority of the City of Annapolis) for constituent issues addressed to the Mayor's Office.
  • Responsible for maintaining and updating all City of Annapolis, Community, HOA (Home Owner's Association), Condominium, Townhome, and Business Association contact information.

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How to submit a problem online

Need a pothole filled? A sign repaired? Trash picked up?
These and many other problems can be resolved by reporting an issue
How to submit problem or question from my mobile device?You can submit problems or questions from your mobile device through Text-my-gov, our text reporting system. You can text to 1-443-227-4224
How do I contact the City Departments by phone?For departmental phone numbers view our Employee Directory or call Hilary at 443-221-0699 or
How do I report a problem via email?Send email to
Do I live within the city boundaries and if so, what ward do I live in?Please view City of Annapolis Ward lookup map
Who is responsible for maintaining my road?View City Streets Listing. Also Use the State system to identify state & county roads and report problems. Many roads inside city limits are state, county or privately maintained roads.

Parking related questions

How can I get residential passes for City Garages?For residential parking passes, visit Monthly Parking page
How do I find information about residential parking passes?
View our Residential Parking Permit Program page.
How do I reserve parking spaces for a move or delivery?Reserve parking spaces for a move or delivery
How do I appeal a parking ticket?Learn about parking citation appeal process