Dock Reservation Request

Dock Reservation Information and Rules

**Reservations are only for overnight docking. All hourly docking is on a first-come first-serve basis.** 

Dock Reservation Request Form

In preparation for your stay at the Reservation Dock on “Ego Alley” please be advised of the following:

Check-in time is 1:00 pm and check-out time is not later than noon on the scheduled day of departure.

If you do not plan to arrive until late afternoon or later, please call us no later than 3:30 pm with an expected time of arrival.

Please call the Harbormaster’s office at 410.263.7973 or on VHF Channel 17 when you are approximately 10-15 minutes from Annapolis Harbor so that we can provide you docking instructions and have a Dock Assistant on site to assist you upon arrival.

We will try to accommodate any special requests of dock locations or proximity to other vessels if possible, but we reserve the right to assign your dock space. 

The power pedestals are not spaced evenly on the dock, so if you have extensions and/or splitters, please bring them along, just in case they’re needed.

If your stay is for a day or more, you may leave the dock and go day sailing or out for a cruise, and we will reserve your dock position until your return. Please let us know if you plan to day sail and your expected time of return. Again, please call 10-15 minutes out.

It is the responsibility of the boater/captain to have proper fenders prepared for all weather conditions

During your stay, please be aware of the following City rules:

No fueling or repair work in the dock area.

No barbecues or open fires.

Use only UL approved electrical fittings at the dock.

If you have a dinghy or jet ski in the water, it must be paid for by it’s length or docked at the Dinghy Dock at the end of “Ego Alley” and be under 17’.

The Harbormaster reserves the right to move your vessel by hand and line, with or without your presence, during your stay if needed to accommodate other vessels or in case of emergency.

We wish you a pleasant and relaxing stay in Annapolis. Let us know if there’s anything you need during your visit.