Open House Public Meeting #2 -- December 12th, 2017: Brainstorm Policies & Actions

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Overview Graphic

At the last meeting, we asked you to tell us all of the issues related to Forest Drive and Eastport. For this meeting, we will have a series of proposed policies and actions to address those issues. We will have the policies organized by theme:

  • Mobility
  • Land Use, Design, and Quality of Life
  • Vibrant Economy
  • Greening Annapolis, Art and Environment

Instructions for the meeting:

  1. Review - Each table will represent a major theme of the study. Each station has relevant reference
    material present for you to familiarize yourself with the identified
    issues, key information and preliminary policies. You will be asked to review the proposed
    policies for each theme and comment on whether they fit.
  2. Write/Draw - Some stations will have visuals for you to create and place your own ideas. Writing
    materials and post-it notes will be on the tables for you to place comments directly onto the displays.
  3. Engage - Staff will circulate in the room. Anyone with a nametag will be able help answer your
    questions, or direct you to someone who can.

We will be collecting input on possible solutions to issues until Monday, January 8th, 2018 regardless of whether you are able to attend the open house. The final issues list and accompanying possible solutions are located under each respective themed tab.You may provide your comments and ideas for solutions in our Community Voice forum located below:

  1. Share ideas about your vision of Forest Drive in the future.

    This is a great place to discuss many different issues. Add your own idea in the field that says, “What’s your idea?”, or comment on an existing idea to keep the conversation going.

  2. Traffic in Eastport

    I just want to emphasize the importance of curtailing any further development in Eastport until the traffic and community consequences are well understood!

  3. My neighborhood (Truxton Heights) is used as a speedway and cut through from Hilltop to Spa via Boxwood and Silopanna Road. How are you going to help us?

    I'm sick seeing cars speeding through my neighborhood by using Boxwood and Silopanna Road to go between Spa Road and Hilltop. It's supposed to be Spa Creek Trail but there is no indication for cars to be aware of pedestrians or bicycles. We need bike lanes, reduced speed limit, and a way to keep cars from using our neighborhood as a cut through.

  4. Forest Drive Sector Study Input

    Share your ideas about what should be included in the Forest Drive Sector Study

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*From the results of Community Survey #2

See below for more information about each theme and meeting materials

  1. Vision
  2. Land Use &  Design
  3. Mobility: Vehicular & Transit
  4. Mobility: Bike & Ped
  5. Green Annapolis / Environment
  6. Vibrant Economy

Tab through each theme on the left for more information and meeting materials.

Vision graphic

Help us carry out your vision for the Forest Drive / Eastport study area:

What is Your Vision?
(number of respondents)
Graphic Portrayal

Series of walkable and bikeable village-like neighborhoods


Complete Sidewalk graphicTown graphicShop by Bike graphic (Created by Juraj Sedlak from Noun Project

Neighborhoods served by several vibrant small business areas


Shop graphicShopkeeper graphic (Created by Gan Khoon Lay from Noun ProjectCoffee Shop graphic

Low-scale urban (Annapolis-style)


Downtown Annapolis graphicDowntown District graphic (Created by Claire Jones from Noun Project

Residential neighborhoods surrounded and divided by forest


Forested Neighborhood graphic (Created by James Fenton from Noun ProjectForested Road graphic (Created by Creative Mania from Noun Project

Arts district with locally serving restaurants and entertainment


Art Gallery graphicRestaurant graphic (Created by Brand Mania from Noun ProjectTheatre graphic (Created by Creative Mania from Noun Project

Smart-growth oriented mixed use served by transit


Bus graphic (Created by Andy Mc from Noun ProjectMixed Use Buildings graphic (Created by Made by Made from Noun ProjectMixed Use Building graphic (Created by Oksana Latysheva from Noun Project

Enhanced green boulevard between shopping clusters


Shopping Center graphic (Created by Creative Mania from Noun ProjectTree-lined Road graphic (Created by Aneeque Ahmed from Noun ProjectMarket graphic (Created by faisalovers from Noun Project

Thoroughfare to get to employment/shopping destinations as quickly as possible


Office Building graphic (Created by Aleksandr Vector from Noun ProjectHighway graphic (Created by Ben Davis from Noun ProjectHome graphic (Created by Chrystina Angeline

Smaller-scale landscaped town center


Town Center graphic (Created by Made by Made from Noun ProjectLandscaped graphic (Created by Made by Made from Noun Project
From the results of Community Survey #2