Safe Stations

Substance Abuse Addiction

Safe Stations 

As of April 20th, 2017 the Safe Station program is available to individuals suffering from all forms of addiction and substance abuse, not just heroin/opioid addiction. 

How The Program Works

At any time, a local resident who is the victim of addiction or substance abuse can go to any Annapolis or Anne Arundel County Police or Fire Station and request assistance.

Upon arrival to a Safe Station, the Public Safety Officer at the station will inquire about any other medical condition that may require the individual to be transported to the hospital.  If transport is needed, the person will be met by the Mobile Crisis Response Team (MCRT) at the hospital. If no additional medical treatment is required, the Public Safety Officer will call the MCRT team and when they arrive at the Safe Station, they will begin their evaluation.

The MCRT is solely responsible for evaluating and determining the path of treatment.  

Individuals seeking assistance will be asked if they are in possession of any weapons or drugs. If so, local law enforcement will be notified and will come to the safe station to take the custody of the items only.

The program is a cooperative effort by all levels of government.