Trees of Distinction Program

The Annapolis Trees of Distinction Award Program

The Annapolis Trees of Distinction Program recognizes that trees not only provide us with many environmental benefits and enhance property value, but are an important resource for maintaining the quality of life in a community.   The City of Annapolis has been awarded the Tree City-USA designation for over 20 years for its care of City owned trees.  The Trees of Distinction Program’s purpose is to recognize and thank, on behalf of the community, the Annapolis residents who maintain and care for some of the City’s most noteworthy trees.  Many of these trees have stood witness to significant changes within the community and their presence often defines a neighborhood. We also hope that through recognition of these valuable components of our landscape, other Annapolis residents will be encouraged to appreciate and better care for their own part of our green canopy.

How to nominate a tree for a Tree of Distinction Award

Privately owned trees must be nominated by their property owners.  Anyone may nominate a tree growing in a public place.  Only trees within the Annapolis city limits are qualified for the program.  To nominate a tree for a Tree of Distinction award use this form.  The address, photos and description of the tree will be posted on the City of Annapolis website and listed on a Trees of Distinction register, which will be available online.  All submissions will receive a certificate and be entered to win a Distinguished Tree of the Year Award for each category listed below.

If you choose not to have your photos and information posted on the website, you will not be eligible for the Tree of the Year Award but will still receive a certificate.

The tree must fall into at least one of the following categories:

  • Size/Age (height, trunk diameter (measured 4.5 ft from the ground),  canopy spread, or approximate age)
  • Unusual growth or form (curious growth form, abnormal growths, unusually pruned, or injured but still living)
  • Historical significance (related to an important event, growing in a historic location, or local significance)
  • Aesthetic value (outstanding aesthetic significance including flowers, foliage colors or a particular location that adds natural beauty to the area)

Although Trees of Distinction may be included in civic association/neighborhood walking tours, viewers may not access private property without the permission of the property owners.  The Trees of Distinction designation is an honor and does not give the City any additional authority over trees on private property, nor do owners qualify for any programs for which they would not otherwise qualify.