Open House Public Meeting #1  -- September 27th, 2017: Issues & Emerging Themes

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At the meeting, we asked you to comment on the issues and the top priorities list. We asked whether we had gotten it right so far. Were these the right issues to address? Did we miss something important to you? What are your priorities?

Most Frequently Raised

Current Top Priorities List Dec. 7 Opens in new window

We presented results from the first Community Survey at the meeting.  As of the closing of the survey on October 12, 2017, 1,181 responses had been recorded.  

We focused on the following themes: 

  • Land Use & Community Design
  • Mobility: Vehicular
  • Mobility: Transit, Bike, Ped
  • Quality of Life
  • Zoning & Development Review
  • Green Annapolis/Environment
  •  Vibrant Economy
ThemeMost Important to:ThemeMost Important to:
Transportation69.6% (of respondents)Types of Businesses22.7% (of respondents)
Land Use66.6%Recreation & Leisure16.2%
Bike/Ped Facilities37%Design of buildings9.5%
From Question 8 of the Community Survey

See below for more information about each theme and meeting material.

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  1. Vision
  2. Land Use & Community Design
  3. Mobility: Vehicular
  4. Mobility: Transit, Bike, Ped
  5. Quality of Life
  6. Zoning & Development Review
  7. Green Annapolis / Environment
  8. Vibrant Economy

Tab through each theme on the left for more information and meeting materials.  Your input will help us develop each theme and shape the vision.

Vision graphic

Help us create a vision for the Forest Drive/Eastport Sector Study.  We need to:

  • take stock of the past
  • understand the present
  • evolve the future

What will the next

5 years

10 years

20 years bring?

Can we build an accord for the future?

Sector  Sub Areas

How do we balance the needs of individual neighborhoods with those of the whole corridor?

From Question 6 of the Community Survey

Instructions for the meeting:

1.     Each table will represents a major theme.  We ask that you review the posted draft lists of issues at each table and look at the materials pinned up. Feel free to ask questions of staff.

2.     When you are done, there will be a sheet to fill out and turn it. On it please tell us your top priorities. What are your five biggest concerns and your best hopes for the future? Please rank them from most to least important.

3.     Also as you walk around, we ask that if you have other comments to add please do one or more of the following:

a.     Add a sticky note on either the plans for issues lists
b.     Tell staff your comments and they will add them to the lists on the pads
c.      Write a note and put it in the comment box by the door
d.     Send an email with your comments within the next two weeks to Eric Borchers (

From Question 4 of the Community Survey

Couldn't make the meeting?  If you have comments, ideas or additional concerns regarding the Forest Drive / Eastport Sector Study, head over to the City's Community Voice and let your voice be heard.