Urban Forestry

“Urban Forestry is a specialized branch of forestry that has as its objective the cultivation and management of trees for their present and potential contribution to the physiological, sociological and economic well-being of urban society...” (Society of American Foresters 1974)

City Tree Code and Forms

City Code Chapter 14.12 Trees  

  1. Applies when no grading permit, building permit, or site design plan review are required.
  2. The removal of any tree over five inches in diameter at breast height (dbh) requires a tree permit when the tree is within the legally defined front, side, or rear setbacks of any residential or commercial property next to a public right-of-way.  For setback info: City Code Chapter 21.50 – Bulk Regulations Tables.  Download, fill out and submit a tree removal permit as instructed in the document.
  3. The removal of any tree in the Historic District requires approval of the Historic Preservation Commission.  Please submit a tree removal permit and an HPC Administrative Approval Application.  Check to see if your property is in the Historic District.
  4. Tree replacement requirements for aforementioned items 2 and 3:
    Removed treeReplacement Tree(s)
    Greater than 20"3 trees
    10.1—20″ Diameter breast height (dbh)2 trees
    5—10″ Diameter breast height (dbh)1 tree
  5. The removal of any tree within a hundred feet of the water requires a simplified buffer management plan or a buffer management plan for buffer exemption area or a major/minor buffer management plan. Please submit the forms to the Department of Planning and Zoning (P&Z). 
  6. The removal of any tree in a conservation easement area requires approval of the City’s Conservancy Board. Please submit a tree permit. Please check to see if part of your property is in a conservation easement or next to one.