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Access Annapolis Working Waterfront Program

The Access Annapolis Brand

The waterfront defines Annapolis. Those in the boating community can find almost everything they need for their boats. They can also enjoy the restaurants and stores, family fun, and a beautiful historic location.  Maritime businesses can use this brand and toolkit as a group to help promote and build the industry.

The Toolkit

Welcome to your toolkit to help your business get the word out to potential customers about all the Working Waterfront in Annapolis has to offer. These tools are provided as part of the Working Waterfront Awareness Project. We hope this Toolkit provides you resources to help grow your business.

Program Background

In 1987, the Mayor and City Council established four maritime zoning districts in the City of Annapolis. This zoning has helped protect the maritime industry and insulate it from development pressures. While generally successful, maritime industry has still faced a series of unique financial and logistical challenges.

The goals of this new working waterfronts program are to provide assistance with networking and marketing, help organize and coordinate promotion of the industry as a whole, and to provide better customer service from a City standpoint to this important industry. Outcomes will be measured through 2 surveys - one as the first task of the consultant and a second at the Maritime Economic Summit. The outcomes would be instructive to many other communities whose maritime industries are struggling for visibility.

Maritime Districts in the City of Annapolis

Development of the Working Waterfront Awareness Program will include 4 steps:

  • Step 1 is to survey working waterfront property owners' general business needs for economic sustainability.
  • Step 2 is the identification of new and creative marketing options for the maritime industry.
  • Step 3 involves guiding the development of a digital information toolkit and resource to promote maritime businesses.
  • Step 4 will be to assist City staff in hosting a Maritime Economic Summit in November 2016, to convey successful maritime marketing policies and procedures to waterfront community members throughout the state.

Project Schedule

  • June 8 - June 20, 2016: Survey sent out to stakeholders
  • June 14 - 17: Stakeholder interviews
  • July - October: Development of website toolkit
  • November 15: Maritime Economic Summit and follow-up survey

Presentations from the Maritime Economic Summit:

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