Forest Drive / Eastport Sector Study

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The Eastport and Forest Drive Communities and Governmental Agencies Task Force

The task force was formed with Resolution R-27-19: Eastport and Forest Drive Communities and Governmental Agencies Task Force - For the purpose of establishing a temporary advisory Task Force commissioned to provide the Mayor and City Council with a public forum for continuing to study and prepare reports about the Forest Drive/Eastport Sector Study as requested by concerned and impacted residents; if they wish, to allow residents the opportunity to provide related input regarding the 2020 Comprehensive Plan; to collaborate with and receive input, assistance, and support from various Anne Arundel County and State of Maryland agencies; and generally relating to the Task Force.

The Task Force was extended under City Council Resolution R-4-20.

Planning and Zoning gave a presentation to the Task Force on how we coordinate with our State and County partners.  The presentation was on December 17, 2019 at 6 pm at the Pip Moyer Recreation Center.  


The Task Force will be meeting virtually.  Please email Sally Nash ( to be added to the email update list.  

Next meeting:

December 2, 2020, 6 pm: View on the City's Boards and Commissions YouTube Channel.  

December 22, 2020, 6 pm: View on the City's Boards and Commissions YouTube Channel.  

  1. Eric Borchers

    Comprehensive Planner
    Phone: 410.260.2200 ext 7789

  1. Process & Timeline
  2. Public Input
  3. Purpose
  4. Background
  5. Milestones
  6. Previous Studies

The study process is currently in Step Four, highlighted below.

early spring - early fall 2017

The planning team will meet with local groups and stakeholders from many backgrounds to begin to identify the main issues for the sector study. The team will also meet with the Planning Commission to get feedback on the issues and topics that have come up in the stakeholder meetings. Notes from all meetings are posted on the website and there will be opportunities, such as a survey, for people who are interested in the project to share their thoughts. The final part of this step is an Open House Public Meeting where the planning team will continue to gather concerns and summarize what it has heard so far.

Timeline & Meetings

DateEvent / Activity
March 16, 2017Preliminary outreach with Annapolis Neck Peninsula Federation
March 25, 2017Preliminary outreach Annapolitans for Responsible Development
April 20, 2017Briefing with Environmental Matters Committee
April 25, 2017Planning Commission Work Session to discuss process
May 18, 2017Briefing with Environmental Matters Committee
May 24, 2017Briefing with Transportation Board
June 21, 2017*Planning Commission Work Session to discuss major topics of the plan
July 11, 2017*Stakeholder Meetings with business owners, developers, government officials
July 12, 2017*Stakeholder Meetings with environmental groups
July 13, 2017*Stakeholder Meetings with mobility groups
July 14, 2017*Stakeholder Meetings with non-profit groups and neighborhood associations
July 17, 2017*Stakeholder Meetings
July 19, 2017*Planning Commission Work Session to discuss economic development
July 20, 2017*Stakeholder meetings @ Eastport Fire Station - 6:00, 7:00 & 8:00 PM
July 24 - September 28, 2017Gathering input via survey:
August 30, 2017*Transportation Board Meeting
September 20, 2017*Planning Commission Work Session to discuss mobility
September 27, 2017Open House Public Meeting #1 @ Pip Moyer Recreation Center (273 Hilltop Lane) 6:30 PM. We gathered input on your concerns and summarized the issues we have heard from the 1st survey and from stakeholder interviews.
Early Spring to Fall 2017 timeline and meetings

mid fall - mid winter 2017/2018

Once the planning team has collected information on the types of issues present in the sector study area, it will begin to identify appropriate existing solutions and solicit new ones through another series of surveys, interviews, and meetings. The data collected earlier will be analyzed and supplemented. The finding from this data will be shared with the public and stakeholders on the website and with the Planning Commission. Brainstorming sessions will generate potential future policies. The final part of this step is an Open House Public Meeting where the planning team will explore the major themes and what policies would result from these themes.

Timeline & Meetings

DateEvent / Activity
September 28 - October, 2017Compiling and integrating input gathered to date. Finalizing collection of issues
October - November, 2017Data analysis and refinement
October 12 - January 12, 2018Gathering input via 2nd survey:
November 2, 2017*Planning Commission Work Session to discuss public input (meeting materials)
December 12, 2017Open House Public Meeting #2: How do the major themes and issues we've heard so far translate into actionable items?
Fall 2017 to early January timeline of meetings

winter 2017/18

The policies and actions identified in Step Two will be etched out for details to present to the public, stakeholders, and officials. These groups will provide feedback on the makeup and viability of solutions and whether to remove or add items to the list. The data informing the study will be refined to fill in the missing gaps in desired information expressed in meetings and interviews so far in the process, and to reflect an evolving outlook on the sector study. During this round of engagement, participants and stakeholders will contribute their thoughts on how best to implement the proposed ideas that have surfaced and have been fine-tuned. 

Timeline & Meetings

DateEvent / Activity
Jan. - Feb., 2018Data refinement
January 17, 2018*Planning Commission Work Session
February 1, 2018*Planning Commission Work Session
February 21, 2018*Planning Commission Work Session
March 1, 2018Planning Commission Work Session
April 5, 2018Planning Commission Work Session
*Winter 2018 timeline and meetings

spring - summer 2018

After a deliberation with the Planning Commission over the direction and progress of the study to that point, and the planning team is comfortable with the milestones reached, it will convert the process into a guide for the future land use and development of the sector study area. They do so by revisiting and piecing together the recorded outcomes from the first three steps of the process into a draft plan document. The drafted document will serve as the collective vision of the residents, businesses, and other stakeholders in the Forest Drive corridor and in Eastport. The document becomes open to public comment online and in person through a series of further meetings to ensure that everything is accounted for and that residents, business owners, and other stakeholders are satisfied with the product of their contribution.

Timeline & Meetings

DateEvent / Activity
March - April, 2018Draft preliminary plan
April 11, 2018Public Meeting #3 in Council Chambers from 6:30 - 8:30 PM
April 12 - May 1, 2018Community Survey: Draft Plan
April 19, 2018City Council Work Session
May 16, 2018Planning Commission Work Session
June 20, 2018Public Meeting #4 in Council Chambers from 6:30 - 8:30 PM
Aug. 2, 2018Planning Commission Work Session
Spring to Summer 2018 timeline and meetings

fall 2018 - winter 2019

To conclude the process, the planning team will again meet with the Planning Commission, once there is agreement among the public, to assess the changes that need to be addressed and carried out in the final draft. The changes will be based on input gathered and on what would be most actionable . To reflect on what was accomplished, the team and Commission will review what could be improved on for the next time and what are the meritable achievements. A final draft plan will then be brought to the Planning Commission and City Council through a series of public hearings where the public can offer additional comment.

Timeline & Meetings

Fall 2018 to Winter 2019 timeline and meetings
DateEvent / Activity
November 1, 2018Planning Commission Public Hearing
January 28, 2019City Council Public Hearing
February 11, 2019City Council Public Hearing
February 21, 2019City Council Work Session

Ongoing Graphic

  • Surveys, social networking, other public outreach meetings, monitoring progress, and data collection.