Know Your Limit

Know Your Limit is an educational program to combat drunk driving.

Officers offer free breathalyzer tests and distribute literature concerning drunk driving and available alternatives in Annapolis. The first event was held on Thursday, May 5, 2016, Cinco de Mayo.

Most people are aware that Maryland law sets the legal blood alcohol content (BAC) for a driver below .08 percent, and even under a .08 drivers can show signs of impairment. However, many people might not realize how much alcohol, or more importantly how little alcohol it takes to reach a BAC of .08 percent. Officers on foot educate passersby about impaired driving and ask them to participate in the program. Volunteer participants are asked if they feel safe to drive a car, then they blow into a portable breathalyzer. Participants are told what their BAC is and given an educational card with information on alcohol consumption and options to get home safely.

The Know Your Limit program is not intended as a scare tactic. Instead, it’s intended to provide an educational opportunity to encourage groups to designate a sober driver and make good choices. In April, the Annapolis Police Department met with Annapolis businesses that hold alcoholic beverage licenses to educate them about the program and ensure it is a positive influence on their patrons and does not negatively impact their business.

The Know Your Limit Campaign has been used successfully by police departments across the country. The Annapolis Police Department also regularly has officers working impaired driving enforcement to catch drivers who make the wrong decision and get behind the wheel after drinking too much.