Monthly Safety Message


The Annapolis Fire Department Urges Water Safety

Annapolis, MD – As the weather continues to warm, sailing and sunshine will draw many residents and visitors to the City of Annapolis. “With the attraction to and the access to the water in and around Annapolis City, we want the public to enjoy all the activities that the water has to offer but, safety should always remain a priority,” says Annapolis Fire Chief David L. Stokes Sr.

The Annapolis Fire Department urges all boaters to adhere to the following tips to keep you safe this summer season:

• Ensure age appropriate coast guard approved life jackets are on board, and are being worn.

• In addition to life jackets have throwable floatation devices such as ring buoys, seat cushions or horse shoe buoys.

• Always check the weather before your trip and, leave a route plan with someone on shore so they know where you will be going.

• Assign someone on your boat to be skipper, someone who knows how to operate and navigate the boat in case you are injured or become incapacitated.

• If you are bringing a dog on board, remember not all dogs can swim. Equip your dog with a pet life jacket and bring plenty of water for your dog. Walk your dog before boarding.

• Make sure everyone knows the number to dial in case of emergency 9-1-1

• Ensure at least one person on board is trained, and certified to perform CPR. Encourage children to learn CPR, it is something that will stay with them for a lifetime! 

 The Annapolis Fire Department offers CPR courses for all interested citizens. For information about CPR certification, please email, or call the Emergency Medical Services Division at 410-263-7978.

Thank you for making water safety a priority. The Annapolis Fire Department wishes everyone a safe summer season!