Fire Station Tour

Forest Drive Fire Fire Station (35)

The Forest Drive Fire Station is the Headquarters of the Annapolis Fire Department. Located at 1790 Forest Drive, this station is home to:

  • Battalion Chief 35
  • Fire Engine 351
  • Paramedic 35
  • Fire Explosive Special Unit 35
  • K-9s

Eastport Fire Station (36)

The Eastport Fire Station is home to the Marine Division. Located at 914 Bay Ridge Avenue (not Bay Ridge Road), this station is home to:

  • Fire Engine 361
  • Fire Engine 352
  • Fire Truck 36
  • Fire Boat 36
  • Paramedic 36
  • Paramedic 362

Taylor Avenue Fire Station (38/39)

The Taylor Avenue Fire Station is home to the Hazmat, Special Operations team. Located at 620 Taylor Avenue, this Station is home to:

  • Fire Engine 381
  • Fire Truck 39
  • Rescue Squad 38
  • Special Unit 39
  • Paramedic 39

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