Refuse Collection By Street - W-Y

Residential Refuse Schedule Instructions

This listing is not to be used for jurisdictional boundary determination. It is for informative purposes only.

To locate your City of Annapolis refuse collection schedule, click on the link with the letter that your street name begins with. All the links are on left navigation panel. Some streets may have communities with private collection even if street is listed, in those cases please consult your HOA or property manager for details.  If you do not find your street listed here, perhaps you are located in the Anne Arundel County jurisdiction. 

Refuse Collection by Street - W through Y
Street Name Refuse Collection Day Collector
Wagner Street Monday City
Wainwright Drive Thursday City
Walton Court   Private
Wardour Pump Station access road  Thursday City
Wardour Drive Thursday City
Warren Drive Tuesday City
Washington Court Tuesday City
Washington Street Tuesday City
Water Street Monday City
Wellington Place Thursday City
Wells Avenue Tuesday City
Wells Landing Tuesday City
Wells Street Tuesday City
West Street
 (Brown Street to Church Circle)  even numbered side 
Monday City
West Street
 (Brown Street to Church Circle)  odd numbered side 
Monday City
West Street
 (Legion to Taylor)  odd numbered side
Tuesday City
West Street
 (Homeland to Taylor)  even numbered side 
Tuesday City
West Street (Rosemary to Southgate) Friday City
West Washington Street Tuesday City
Westgate Circle    
Westwick Court Friday City
Westwood Road Thursday City
Whiton Court Friday City
Williams Drive Thursday City
Windell Avenue Tuesday City
Windsor Avenue Tuesday City
Windwhisper Lane  (From Georgetown toward Edgewood Road)  Friday City
Windwhisper Lane  (From Georgetown Road around loop)  Thursday City
Winslow Court   Private
Woodlawn Avenue Tuesday
Woods Drive
Woods Road Friday City
Woodward Court   Private
Worden Court Thursday City
Wye Island Court Friday City
Yachtsman Way Friday City
Yawl Road Friday City
Yevola Peters Way (Numbers 1 through 21)  Friday City
Youngs Farm Court Thursday City - Single Family Only 
Youngs Farm Road Thursday City - Single Family Only