Refuse Collection by Street - B

This listing is not to be used for jurisdictional boundary determination. It is for informative purposes only.

Residential Refuse Schedule Instructions

To locate your City of Annapolis refuse collection schedule, click on the letter that your street name begins with. If you do not find your street listed here, perhaps you are located in the Anne Arundel County jurisdiction.

Yard Waste is collected from City Refuse Customers on Wednesday.

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Street Name

Refuse Collection Day Collector
Baldridge Road Thursday City
Banneker Lane Friday 
Bank Street Thursday City
Barbud Lane Thursday City
Basswood Road Friday City
Bates Street Tuesday City
Bausum Drive Friday City
Bay Forest Court (Senior Housing)
Bay Front Drive Friday City
Bay Ridge Avenue
(Sixth Street to Madison St - both sides)
Tuesday City
Bay Ridge Avenue
(southbound side from Madison St 
to Forest Hills Avenue) 
Thursday City
Bay Ridge Avenue
(northbound side from Forest Hills Avenue to Madison St)
Friday City
Bay Shore Avenue Tuesday City
Bay Water Lane Friday City
Baywind Drive Friday City
Beacon Court
Beech Street Tuesday City
Beech Village Court
Belle Drive Friday City
Belle Court (Numbers 39 through 52) Friday City
Bellweather Court Friday City
Belvedere Court
Bembe Beach Road Friday City
Bens Drive Friday City
Bertina A Nick Way  Tuesday City
Berwick Drive Thursday City
Bethany Court Thursday City
Betsy Court
Bill Jones Alley

Birchbaugh Lane
Blackwell Road Friday City
Bladen Street (inbound)

Bladen Street (outbound from College Creek Bridge)

Bloomsbury Square Monday City
Bluffs Lane
Boucher Avenue Tuesday City/
Condos are private 
Boucher Avenue Court
Bowie Avenue Tuesday City
Bowman Drive and Court
Boxwood Road
Monday City
Brannocks Terrace Friday City
Brashears Street (Madison to Jefferson) Tuesday City
Brashears Street (Van Buren to Madison) Thursday City
Breakwater Drive
Brewer Avenue Tuesday City
Brewer Street Tuesday City
Bricin Street
Bridle Path Lane Friday City
Brightwater Drive Friday City
Bristol Circle Thursday City
Bristol Drive Thursday City
Broach Court
Friday City
Brooke Court Monday City
Brooke Avenue Monday City
Brown Street
Bryan Alley

Bunche Street Friday City
Burnham Wood Court 
Burnside Street 
Tuesday City - Single Family Only
Bywater Road (Forest Drive to Kingsport) Friday City