Refuse Collection by Street - A

Residential Refuse Schedule Instructions

This listing is not to be used for jurisdictional boundary determination. It is for informative purposes only.

To locate your City of Annapolis refuse collection schedule, click on the link with the letter that your street name begins with. All the links are on left navigation panel. Some streets may have communities with private collection even if street is listed, in those cases please consult your HOA or property manager for details.  If you do not find your street listed here, perhaps you are located in the Anne Arundel County jurisdiction. 

Refuse Collection by Street - A
Street Name Refuse Collection Day Collector
Abney Lane N/A Private
Academy Street  Monday City
Acton Place (North and South) Monday City
Acton Road  Monday City
Adams Park Road N/A Private
Adams Street  Tuesday City
Admiral Drive (West Street to A.A. County)  Tuesday City
Agnes Dorsey Place N/A Private
Alden Lane  Tuesday City
Alder Road  Thursday City
Allen Drive Friday City
Alley, un-named (SHA: Number 960;
 off Severn Avenue behind Number 324 Sixth Street) 
Alley, Howard Dignan (SHA; Alley Number 3, Number 8030)  N/A N/A
Alley Number 5, (owned by SHA), Number 8050; 
 from Cross Street to Alley Number 6 
Alley Number 6 (owned by SHA), Number 8060; 
 from Springdale to Fairview avenues 
Alley, unnamed (SHA Number 967; Spa View Avenue to 
 Chase Street parallels Smith St.) 
Alley, un-named (SHA Number 966; off West St. next to Munroe Court)  N/A N/A
Alley, Sam Lewnes (SHA Number 8, Number 8080; from Creek Drive
 to Lockwood Court. behind 820 Boucher Avenue 
Alley, Saffield Lane (SHA; Alley Number 4, Number 8040) (West Annapolis)  N/A N/A
Alley, Epstein Lane (West Annapolis)  N/A N/A
Alley, Segelken Lane (SHA; Alley Number 4, Number 8040) (West Annapolis)  N/A N/A
Alley, Emory Bowen (SHA; alley Number 1, Number 8010)  N/A N/A
Alley, Trinity Alley (SHA; Number 9020) (Locust Avenue to North Cherry Grove)  N/A N/A
Alley, Bill Jones (SHA Alley Number 2, Number 8020)  N/A N/A
Alley, Ellington (SHA; Alley Number 9, Number 8090)  Tuesday City
Alvin Alley N/A Private
Amberstone Court  N/A Private
Americana Drive  Tuesday City
Amos Garrett Boulevard  Monday City
Anasta Terrace N/A Private
Annapolis Neck Road Friday City
Annapolis Street  Thursday City
Annapolis Walk Drive  Friday City
Annapolitan Lane  Friday City
Anne Lane Monday City
Arbor Hill Road  Monday City
Archwood Avenue  Monday City
Aris T. Allen Blvd N/A Private
Arundel Place  Thursday City
Arundel Road  Thursday City
Asana Terrace N/A Private
Asher Drive
N/A Private
Ashford Court  Monday City
Ashton Court  N/A Private
Atwater Drive  Friday City
August Drive  Monday City
Awald Road  Friday City