Waterworks Park

Annapolis Waterworks Park is a recreational area operated by the City of Annapolis Recreation and Parks Department. Waterworks Park is located at 260 Defense Highway about one mile past the Annapolis Mall. This Park is one of the few open space resources in the Annapolis area which provides the public with hiking -- and most recently biking -- as well as places to picnic and fish. There are miles of nature trails and a picnic pavilion (first-come, first-serve.)

There are three fresh water fishing ponds – catch and release fishing only (the fish cannot be taken home.) No outside fish may be brought into Waterworks Parks and released into the ponds. To fish, you must have a valid Maryland Non-Tidal Fishing License that can be purchased at the Maryland Department of Natural Resources (West Street) service center in Annapolis. Following the Maryland rules, individuals under age 16 are not required to possess a Maryland license.

Waterworks Park is open daily year-round from dawn to dusk.

Waterworks Park is a permit only park. To obtain a permit, you must go to the "Pip" Moyer Recreation Center. Permits are for one month, quarterly or annually. For information and pricing, please review the Waterworks Park Brochure.

Please also review the Rules and Regulations information below.

Read this article by Jeff Holland published in the Capital Gazette on September 12, 2020!

The City of Annapolis and Mid-Atlantic Off-Road Enthusiasts (MORE) created hundreds of acres of hiking and bicycle trails at and around Waterworks Park. There are entry points off of Defense Highway and Housley Road.Waterworks Park MORE map biking trails

The Housley Loop is the most accessible loop. Public access and parking on Housley Road on the shoulder near the Stone Point Apartments. Look for the trailhead to your right in the woods on the left side of the stormwater drain.

To note, the Defense Highway Connector trail connects the Housley Loop to the Defense Highway Parking Lot and Solar Park Loop. DO NOT PARK IN THE DEFENSE HIGHWAY PARKING LOT TO ACCESS THE TRAIL. PLEASE PARK AT THE HOUSLEY ROAD TRAILHEAD AND ENTER FROM THERE.

There is no fee to ride or hike these trails, but you have to get there on foot or by bicycle.

Learn more about this access at https://more-mtb.org/collections/maryland-trails/products/waterworks-park.

TRAILFORKS link https://www.trailforks.com/region/annapolis-waterworks-trail-30337/?activitytype=1&z=13.2&lat=38.99227&lon=-76.56955

Rules and Regulations

This park is home to a wide variety of wildlife and we ask that you treat the natural surroundings with respect. For everyone’s safety and enjoyment, the following rules and regulations must be followed or your permit will be revoked:

  1. Entrance to the park is by permit only.
  2. Open daily from dawn until dusk.
  3. Stay off the dam.
  4. No fires of any kind. No smoking.
  5. Please do not enter any of the buildings or small pump houses. There is very dangerous high voltage electrical equipment in these structures.
  6. Do not go beyond the designated trails. We ask that you respect all private property. The white farm house and the large brick pump house near the entrance to the park are not part of the park operations. Please refrain from approaching either building.
  7. Strollers, wheelchairs and other mobility vehicles for the handicapped are permitted. Bikes are allowed but only on designated trails.
  8. The person whose name appears on the permit is responsible for the conduct of the group.
  9. Children must always be supervised by an adult.
  10. You are expected to help maintain the park’s natural beauty. Do not cut or dig up trees or plants. Do not harm or harass wildlife. No hunting.
  11. No swimming, wading, or bathing allowing.
  12. No ice skating or boating is allowed.
  13. The possession of firearms, fireworks or weapons of any kind is strictly prohibited.
  14. No alcoholic beverages or controlled substances are allowed in the park.
  15. Pets are prohibited.
  16. Please use the trash receptacles located adjacent to the entrance gate. If the cans are full, we ask that you please take your trash with you.
  17. Report any accident or injury to the Annapolis Recreation and Parks Department at 410-263-7958 and any park maintenance issue to the Department’s Parks Maintenance Division at 410-263-7993.