Healthy Bay- Drains Free and Clear

Learn the proper disposal methods for chemicals, and to keep our bay healthy

Properly dispose of household chemicals. Never was or pour chemicals, cleaners, or solvents into the storm drain, or down any drains in your home.  Take antifreeze, solvents, gas, brake fluid, and other hazardous substances to an approved disposal location.

Sweep your driveway. Sweep up debris instead of hosing off or pressure washing your driveway.  Not only is the sediment harmful, but there can also be residue from vehicles on the driveway.


Properly dispose of oil and other auto waste at an approved waste facility. Don’t pour liquids down the drain. 

Leaves and yard debris. Never sweep or place leaves and yard debris in storm drains. It will clog the storm drain and keep rain water from draining.  Place at the curb in approved containers for collection or have it hauled away.

Report Pollution. It is illegal to dump chemicals or other materials in the storm drain. If you notice illegal dumping or activity that you suspect to be against the law, placing people’s health or environment contact the Utility Division at 410-263-7970.