Preparing for a Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) Collection Event

View information on preparing household hazardous waste for collection.

During the events, trained personnel will ask you to remain in your car while they unload the HHW from your trunk. To make unloading safe for staff and fast for you:

  • Tightly secure all container lids to avoid leaks and spills then set your HHW in plastic totes or boxes to contain accidental spills during transport.
  • Call 410-222-7951 before an event if you have any material contained in drums.
  • Transfer large amounts of fuel into travel-safe gas cans so staff can empty them and return them back to the owner for reuse.
  • Keep materials in their original packaging, when possible, and label any material that had to be packed in alternative containers. Never mix different types of HHW in one container.
  • Secure your material in your vehicle’s trunk, backseat or truck bed, to keep it safely away from passengers during transport.
  • Make sure items can be easily accessed. Never cover or block your materials under other items like trash or yard waste.
  • More information on collection events and program requirements can be found on the County DPW website.