Property Maintenance

Code and Standards

The City of Annapolis adopts the International Property Maintenance Code published by the International Code Council as our property maintenance code.  The code has a wide variety of requirements that provide an enforceable property maintenance standard and help avoid deteriorating conditions on both residential and non residential properties.

The most common complaints relate to trash located on the premises, overgrowth and untagged vehicles.  When a complaint is received an investigation is initiated and an inspector is assigned.  Our goal is to have the inspector visualize the complaint before the end of the next business day.  If the inspector does find a violation, a written Notice of Violation will be generated and sent to the property owner via mail.  In some cases they may also be hand delivered.  The Notice of Violation will identify a correction date when the property will be re-inspected and it will contain a list of the violations noted.

If property maintenance violations have been not abated by the correction date a civil citation may be issued to the person causing the violation.  A civil citation includes a fine as established by city council and an abatement requirement.  The civil citation also gives the recipient the option of standing trial for the violation.

Items that are useful to know:

  • Refuse must be placed in a container with a tight fitting lid and adequate handles, and be watertight, durable, and rust resistant.
  • Refuse and recycling containers may be at your curb no earlier than 6 p.m. the night before your collection day.
  • Untagged vehicles are not permitted on City streets and they are not permitted to be parked on residential property unless inside a garage.
  • Grass in excess of 12 inches tall is considered overgrowth.  Trees and shrubs that encroach upon the sidewalk and diminish the sidewalk width will also be cited as overgrowth.  Tree branches  must be pruned to a minimum height of 7 feet.

Residential Property

For residential property maintenance code standards, visit Chapter 17.40 of the City code.  This includes sections on basic services and sanitary facilities; fire safety; space, use, and location; maintenance; and enforcement.

Nonresidential Property

For nonresidential property, see Chapter 17.48 of the City Code.  This section includes information about exterior maintenance, enforcement, and unsafe structures.